s p r u n g RoundUP (5/30/14)

Hello again herbivores.
After a frenetic first half of a Friday, I halted everything to take a good, long breath. And then proceeded to feed myself at Maoz UWS. Ordered a shawarma salad. This really needs to be on a pita with vegan yogurt (& tahini?) sauce. Perhaps with french fries in that pita. Some bell peppers and onions would be- OK, you get the point; I wasn’t over the moon about the shawarma (salad).

Was pleased to finally try the so called vegan cheez-its this week! Found them a bit more of an elevated and ‘nice’ party snack (perhaps with Regal Vegan’s Faux Gras), rather than the crazy cheesy college party snack I recall them being. Evidently, they’re on back order at ALL NYC Whole Foods stores – supposedly in this entire region!! For my money, go with their irresistible cousin, the cheddar potato chips. These and more yummy snacks are made by Earth Balance.

Want to note a good few events happening these next three weeks, particularly as they’re mostly on Facebook, so perhaps off your radars, and thus calendars!

Tomorrow, Saturday May 31, Astoria’s new, mostly vegan ice cream shop, Sweet Jane’s Frozen Desserts opens. They’ll have free ice cream and a ribbon cutting ceremony, starting at 1 pm Eastern.

A week from now, the 5th Annual Veggie Prom will get us dancing, laughing, noshing and posing for pics once again. Hope to see some of you there AND dressed up.

That next day, look for our June Lunch Bunch to be a picnic potluck (in Queens it seems).Monday June 9, the Vegan Summer Mondays picnic series continues with the 2nd Brooklyn Bridge Park event. Thanks to Da’Ves for hosting them!

Three days later, Brooklyn (BK) Vegan Drinks takes place Thursday, June 12 at 8 pm. (Their meatballs were off the chain in May. PLEASE join me in petitioning for these to be a permanent menu item!!)

Saturday June 14, a number of NYCers will bop over to the first annual Philly VegFest to show support, step across state lines and get a whiff of the blossoming vegan scene there. Who are we kidding? A TASTE of the scene there, including a V Street preview.

At the same time, Vegan Shop-Up will be happening at its usual spot of Pine Box Rock Shop.

And one week later, Saturday June 21*, Brooklyn further gets its vegan on with Eat Green in Greenpoint (a vegan awareness day in that neighborhood).

Of course, Smorgasburg continues to groove vegan with Dun-Well Doughnuts, Regal Vegan, Bunna Cafe, Monk’s Meats and Chickpea & Olive. A delicious, and easy vegan food crawl in one small area for you and yours (plus yer omnivores)!

OK, this messenger needs to whip up some other emails before a busy busy weekend begins. Y’all be good, or great even!


*the first day of Summer proper thankyouverymuch. Let’s call this “school” Summer now.

p.s. the latest week in vegan crowdfunding campaigns are noted here including one I’m working on for VegKitchen.com

p.p.s. Vegucated just clocked 100,000 Likes on Facebook today. I am STOKED!

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