*Intended* Travels, Autumn 2014

After enjoying NYC’s first vegan beer + wine + booze festival (aka Better Booze Festival) September 20, I’m off to visit my Dad and his partner at their annual Arizona timeshare in Scottsdale as Autumn begins.

As they wrap up their week there, I’ll shift just a bit southward for the next big astrologers conference, ISAR14, that last weekend of September.

Then I’ll bop over to visit the best friend and a great many others over in Albuquerque (ABQ).

From there, back up to NYC celebrating 10 years of organizing with NYC Vegan EatUP, a belated and traveling cheesehead’s birthday and other goodness for a week or so.

Now here’s where the plan gets (cue the Run DMC) T R I C K Y !

The original idea was to (finally!) visit Austin for three days or so. Then go over to Dallas and enjoy its Texas Veggie Fair for a very long weekend or even a full week. Timing is tight here as ABQ needs to be AFTER Arizona, presuming my attendance at the Booze Fest. While trying to figure THAT out, recently – and excitedly – learned about the first ever vegan Seed Food and Wine Festival happening in Miami that same weekend as the Fair, though over multiple days. So… currently sitting with whether I (1) stay with the original plan, (2) let go of Austin for Miami, spending a short time Dallas, or (3) just do Miami by itself.

A bit of background on the original idea here: I want to get back to visiting the 20+ states I’ve yet to spend the night in, or even SEE. I’ve yet to visit Texas overnight, though I have flown through DFW and HOU. 2015 will find me in Austin for Vida Vegan Con III, so I thought it would be great to do an Austin preview plus a week of Dallas this year. Then the flip late next Spring.

Also noting aloud that I’ve been saying for a good few months or even seasons now, the world needs a vegan food and wine festival. Had even wondered about producing one. Lo and behold, I’m late on the take because Miami (!!) is bringing the first one to life. So I’m quite quite curious to attend and be off-duty (or mostly so) to see what this coolness looks like…


Whatever happens with all THAT, I’m due upstate New York for SOTA14 – another astrologers conference that is annual and more close-knit – that last weekend of October.

And then – yes, there’s more (GRIN) – here’s where, well, I want to *go for it* – spending a month plus in L.A. metro doing one of my vegan food residencies* returning to NYC a few days after Thanksgivegan. Seeing a food residency including regular mobile office work while visiting local area friends, getting more familiar with the metro and a good 50 or so of its vegan(-friendly) eateries. To help achieve such high numbers, I’ve shaped four L.A. metro vegan food crawls, thinking one crawls could happen each week. (*The other two residencies will be in Toronto, and  vegan mecca itself – Portland Oregon.)

To fund these adventures,I see the need to increase my incomeS, and likely sublet my room. Both seem like reasonable achievements with planning happening this far out.

It may be L.A. has to wait until 2015. My sense is to work on it happening sooner while things aren’t so crazy busy. Plus I’d love for all three residencies to happen before Labor Day 2015.



Lyrics on Mars departing retrograde while Mercury approaches its own

What is Life F E E L I N G like right now?
Are you STUCK in traffic?
WAITing for something to go green?
Feeling like You might be the RED alert?

Maybe we are each M O R E than ready to release what has been stuck, still, stagnant, unmoving in these final weeks of Spring…

Noticing the speed of this Now
Everything is likely at its proper pace.
Well, maybe everything, except YOU!?
Yes, you boo.

What’s that?
S/he is delaying your progress, you protest?
Hmmm, could it be that there is no contest here
Only something good in your favor?
Perhaps otherwise can be happening for You now instead.

Flow with the Go
Pretend you don’t Know
Doesn’t matter

We will all GROW

11 RoundUP (6/3/14)

Greetings green grubbers.

Got quite the surprise when I sat down to put together a handful of NYC vegan food crawl lists today as I needed to make twice as many to give a few more neighborhoods their due! Those 10 lists, created on Foursquare, are named and linked below here for everyone’s viewing AND eating pleasure. Necessarily these lists were created with a strong sense of walkable geography for VISITING folks vs. NYCers, who can more easily navigate transit around town. Most spots are all vegan, with some unique eateries included because of highly recommended offerings. Though some veg spots are absent from these lists due to geographic convenience, I still love and recommend Cinnamon Snail as well as Buddha Bodai at 5 Mott Street in Manhattan. I’ll evolve these lists as feels appropriate. All that said, your additions, suggestions, etc. are welcome.

As a bonus list, and out of curiosity of what’s on it, I’m also sharing my 10 favorite NYC veg spots. If it was still open, Veggie Castle would be high on this list. So would Chennai Garden, sniff sniff.

Worth noting along I’m not sure I’d even live in NYC if it wasn’t for Kate’s Joint and Counter doing what they were doing some 11 years ago helping to draw me to this amazing NYC adventure and metro. Super curious, and eager, to see more veg spots open so all 11 of these lists need updates sooner vs. later. Maybe all five boroughs will have a list before 2020 rolls around.


p.s. Very much hope to see a lot of you at Veggie Prom this Friday night!! Perhaps after you’ve used the LES crawl list (laughter)


Vegucated NYC Food Crawl – Upper West Side (UWS)
Vegucated NYC Food Crawl – Upper East Side (UES)
Vegucated NYC Food Crawl – Chelsea & Midtown
Vegucated NYC Food Crawl – Union Square
Vegucated NYC Food Crawl – West Village
Vegucated NYC Food Crawl – East Village
Vegucated NYC Food Crawl – Lower East Side

Vegucated NYC Food Crawl – Bushwick
Vegucated NYC Food Crawl – near and in Park Slope
Vegucated Food Crawl of Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Demetrius’ 10 Favorite NYC Veg Spots

Sacred Chow
Blythe Ann’s
(aka Lula’s Sweet Apothecary rebooted)
Cinnamon Snail
Peacefood Downtown
Buddha Bodai
Pure Food & Wine
Soy & Sake
Seasoned Vegan
Bunna Cafe


*While Franchia may be the least of the food choices here, my many great experiences warrant it being #7 on this list, for now.
**I fully expect Seasoned Vegan to move up on this list once I’ve had more of the great, flavorful and creative eats.
***Because they’re not permanent spots or available most of the time, I’ve left off the many great Vegan Shop-Up and Smorgasburg vendors like the incredible Chickpea & Olive and talented Regal Vegan.

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