Four L.A. vegan food crawls and more!

Here’s my current list of four L.A. vegan food crawls PLUS many other spots to sample otherwise:

Vegucated cruises West Hollywood

Vegucated crawls Culver City

Vegucated strolls Silverlake

Vegucated crawls Orange County, CA

L.A. Vegan Food Residency

Bizeeeeeeee RoundUP (7/16/14) featuring Manhattan Shop-Ups, cooking competition & Seed discount

Well, hello there.

I may have become a bit, hmmmm, shall we say very INTO frozen treats lately. So much so I created a vegan frozen treats crawl and got myself a 16 Handles rewards card rocking and rolling! Plus a peach milkshake over in my Queens neighborhood – my how times have changed! (NO word on DF Mavens‘ East Village shop opening just yet.)

This is a shorter note as I’m still tackling those aforementioned tech concerns – email, blog, now phone, plus a bit beyond those. Luckily everything’s working, if perhaps different than before or begrudgingly so. But gotta keep it mooovin’…

GustOrganics now celebrates Meatless Monday with ONLY vegan options to better fulfill their GREEN mission.

Vegan Shop-Up is expanding with three MORE events at Moo Shoes this Summer. The first one is Saturday, July 26th, Noon to 7 pm.

Guess what’s back, being all clever and cheeky? It’s The Vegan Cook-Off: Best Balls Competition, Sunday August 3, 2 pm! I hope to see a bunch of you there cooking, eating and/or winning. This includes all you former Veggie Conquest cooks too!

Please know The Seed is back for its third year, August 9 & 10. And welcomes us all to enjoy 50% off your tickets by buying them here!

Please be sure to any/all calendar of these events if you are attending. They may or may not be mentioned in the next RoundUP, particularly if they’ve already happened!

I’ll work on the Bronx and Brooklyn picnic spots too. That info will come by way of the regular event notices.


Thanks to Rudy for reporting Indian veg spot Bhojan has closed. (Which is super weird and upsetting to me because I ate there barely three months ago. Ah well.)

How else are we supposed to know about veg spots closing (or opening)? Oh wait, are you all looking at me now!??


Two more questions for you all:

(1) What NYC veg spot is T H E MOST under the radar or underrated one ?

Asking because I’m curious, though very uncertain. Maybe it’s Clementine Bakery in Brooklyn. Maybe it’s longtimer Lan Cafe. Let’s find out together.

(2) Money aside, what ONE veg spot would you most enjoy going to every month?

There are more than a handful for me with Beyond Sushi definitely being one of them.

OK, be well (fed).


Vegan Philly (2014)


Do make reservations for Vedge! It’s even busier these days. You can slip into the bar/lounge area if seats are open; they don’t take reservations for those 20+ seats.

I’ve been to V Street twice, and enjoy it more than Vedge. There is also cousin to both in Charlie was a sinner. which is a sort of swank vegan lounge; easily a place to dress up for. (And something we need in NYC!)

Right before you go to Philly, call and see if Vegan Commissary is serving weekend brunches. Really really good food/menu and service.

Grindcore House (coffee house) can be really good for a sweet treat and hot beverage and in a different part of Philly.

I liked Pure Sweets & Co. (more clean, some raw eats – they have Friday night dinners) and Hip City Veg off Rittenhouse Square.

I adored Miss Rachel’s Pantry – which offers ONE Saturday night dinner seating only by reservation…

Ah, and I’ve heard raves about Little Baby’s Ice Cream – which is partly, not fully, vegan.

That’s plenty to keep you busy for a weekend ENJOY yourselves!!

reStart RoundUP (7/2/14)

Hello and welcome to 2014’s 2nd half herbivores. I hope the first half has been GOOD for you.

Mine has been incredible reconnecting with so many of you at various EatUPs and community events otherwise. Some of you I’ve seen online over the duration, but not in person until recently. Some of you it’s been Y E A R S. And with others of you, it’s been weeks or months, yet now we’ve had a live conversation instead of just a passing wave! This is so timely as I am thinking a good deal about what’s been in this first decade of my EatUP organizing, and what could be in this emerging second decade for EatUP and NYC’s vegan scene overall.

While it’s top of mind, please know the NYC vegan food crawls I shared last time (“11 RoundUP” is that email’s subject line) are for public, self-directed use. They were inspired by questions you and/or visiting friends have asked me over the years. And one good way to culminate this first decade meeting and eating with you all. Look for more suggested local and regional crawls in the near future.

Happening sooner than that is the 8th Annual July Jamboree at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary Saturday, July 5 11 am to 5 pm. There is a bus line to and from Port Authority directly to and from WFAS itself.

NEXT Thursday, July 10, I hope to see some of you at Brooklyn Vegan Drinks, hosted by veteran veg venue V-Spot. Great people, great hosts, great food AND libations!

And then Saturday July 12, it’s time for (a) Lunch Bunch’s July picnic and/or (b) the wonderful Vegan Shop-Up! If you haven’t been before, PLEASE check it out. Maybe take cash and leave ALL ‘plastic’ at home.


Was stunned and excited to learn Moo Shoes will open a 2nd store in L.A. late 2014

Meanwhile, the ever-growing Blossom Empire (1) debuts a new Blossom Du Jour just a few doors from Peacefood Uptown and Organic Avenue (Upper West Side), (2) open another Blossom Du Jour in the Empire State Building (Yup!) AND (3) will reopen Blossom Cafe Uptown a few blocks up from its old location!

Speaking of triple plays, Whole Foods opens on the Upper East Side, Harlem and Williamsburg over this next year. Maybe you knew already though. I must’ve been overly focused on Gowanus and its rooftop gardens.

And speaking of dynamic duos, Earth Balance has introduced yet another product – boxed vegan mac & cheese. The reports I’ve read from people who ordered it online are quite quite good. Using soy milk to make it is strongly recommended.

(I finally found Gardein‘s fishless filets at my favorite NYC grocery, Westerly. Now if it will cool off some, I’ll cook them up in the oven… and report back.)

Do want to call out that more and more NYC eateries are adding vegan options. It’s amazing to see it on more and more sandwich boards walking here and there. To that point, thanks to Carmella for noting Sushi Samba offers a vegan menu! And otherwise, fro yo chain 16 Handles debuted Yo Soy Vanilla vegan fro yo to all stores July 1. I’ve had it, want more and recommend it – was better quality than I’d expected! They also have a coconut water based sorbet amusingly named Coco Loco. That as a beverage with some fruit could be IT.

Reminder: the ice cream shoppe formerly know as Lula’s is open Thursdays through Sundays 3 pm until at least 10:30 pm. This will be important to note for visiting friends’ schedules. And certainly cravings otherwise.


OK, I trust this is plenty to digest for now. Please wish me luck on clearing some key tech hurdles, so I might move forward on a great few things and report back sooner with tasty, timely tidbits 😉

Meanwhile, PLEASE enjoy some Summer. It is a very very good season for FUN!

Ciao/chow, Demetrius


p.s. I would love to put together an outside (rooftop?) dance party with all vegan eats. Anyone able to provide such a free or frugal spot for this? 

Philly VegFest Daytrip, Part 3




Chosen 1st course of 4
Hearts of palm & artichoke ‘crab’ cake, horseradish aioli, crushed pistachio, tomato, Blue Moon Acres micro greens


Chosen 2nd course of 4
Baby candystripe beetroot salad, avocado, pickled Blue Moon Acres cherry belle radish, Young Sprouts sunflower shoots, lemon balm and tarragon vinaigrette


Chosen 3rd course of 4
Sweet potato gnocchi, rosemary and ramp grilled seitan, cauliflower, ramp preserves


Chosen 4th course of 4
No-tella and cashew fluff trifle, chocolate cake, salted caramel


A fantastic meal from Miss Rachel! Doing this recap makes me miss Matteo’s 4 Course Vegan being housed in Brooklyn. Rachel goes for pleasing blends and associations in a way that makes me think of talented watercolor painters. (I find Matteo is more inventive, and one of the best at juxtaposition in food reminded me of artsy filmmaker.)

So now I’ve enjoyed eats from the mothership Vedge plus their former team members that have started Blackbird Pizzeria, Sprig & Vine, Hip City Veg, Charlie was a sinner. and miss rachel’s pantry. It will be interesting to return to Philly for VStreet to perhaps start a new wave of vegan businesses. There is of course PS & Co. (PS = Pure Sweets) waiting for some attention on a return visit too.

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