Amazon’s 3rd Pilot Season

--Red Oaks

Just watched pilots for Really?! and Red Oaks.

With the former, I’m pleasantly surprised to see a non-white lead in what seems to be a dramedy. It wasn’t essential to have more of the show as presented, for me. Yet, I’m definitely intrigued in a number of ways about how marriage, family, suburbia, friendships & secrets are all juggled (here). That it’s set in Chicago is a bonus. I want more, yes. I’ll live without it though too. So 3 of 5 stars.

With the latter, I saw a few poo-pooing the 80s accuracy or such clicking around earlier. Not sure I care about that so much or even expect it. Granted, I do remember a good deal of it. Instead, I’m wanting solid writing and performances on BOTH sides of the camera. This seems like it most certainly could deliver on that. And I’m left wanting more of this ‘chemistry’

Hope to watch the other three pilots soon. Perhaps on the television set proper (vs. big iMac monitor).

UPDATE: Watched Cosmopolitans. Like most elements, save for the pipsqueak and pothead rivalry. Feels off or just ugh to me. The snootiness of Vicki Frazier is curious and of the milieu, yet not all that appealing either. The song choices are curiously delicious and nothing like I’ve heard before with such a setting as this. Brody has some guy allure/appeal – good for him. I could watch more, though it’d be an effort based on what’s here. More likely to want to rejoin for Episode #4 or such when it’s rolling, and maybe one or both these 2ndary dude are GONE.

So two more left, though they’re hour-length pieces. So another time for them.

Afterparty RoundUP (8/22/14) featuring Cowspiracy encore 8/23, Soy & Sake closing 8/30, and room/mate seekers

Greetings green grubbers.

It’s funny I’ve been thinking a lot this Summer about how death and birth of businesses, institutions, and other things. So much so I’ve thought about reflecting on my nearly 10 years of organizing EatUP with some sort of veg*n venues graveyard list (e.g. Veggie Castle, Counter) as well as a list of what’s opened and prospered in that time (e.g. the Blossoms Empire (!!), Lula’s, Cinnamon Snail). So it is with fondness and real tears, I must let you all know Soy & Sake will close August 30, 2014. It seems the owner is retiring (and disinterested in the hassle of selling the business to someone else). An understandable position looking back at what happened with Foodswings trying to sell and instead being pushed into closing  SMH.

In better news, NYC’s own GustOrganics is crowdfunding their first phase of shifting more vegan this Autumn with an internationally-renowned chef’s help. Then in 2015, they’re aiming to go 100% vegan (and ahem, thus green)!

And I just learned there’s a new veg*n spot in Greenpoint’s Jungle Cafe that offers an all you can eat brunch for $10.49.

If you need a new room or roommate, please post info on EatUP’s discussion board. For each seeker’s privacy, I’ll redirect interested folks to posts there (par usual). I know at least two people are looking NOW. And neither of them is me, thanks for asking+caring 😉


Thanks for spreading the word about ALL these upcoming events:

The fantastic new vegan documentary Cowspiracy will have an encore presentation Saturday evening. PLEASE spread the word!

Bethlehem VegFest is Saturday August 23rd. Love to hear your comments if you go. You definitely want to know Vegan Treats is in Bethlehem, PA!

*I’m unaware of any vegan events happening for Labor Day weekend – which YES is nearly upon us. SMH. Feel free to add any that appear as an EatUP event!

BK Vegan Drinks returns Thursday September 11th with more great food made for each particular event!

Pleased to let you know Better Booze Festival, NYC’s first vegan beer, wine and booze event, comes to us Saturday September 20th. Tickets are limited, and on sale now.

Vegan Shop-Up [Manhattan] is that next day, Sunday September 21st


OK, that’s plenty to chew on for August remaining.



p.s. is this subject line too long?

808 RoundUP (8/8/14) featuring The Seed, Sea Shepherd & Cowspiracy’s NYC Premiere

Hi herbivores!

This big news this week is The Seed and its Saturday night after party benefiting Farm Sanctuary. I hope everyone you know has heard, or is hearing, about it as of this writing! (cough)
Receive 50% off tickets clicking and buying them here

Judging The Vegan Cook-Off’s Best Balls Competition Sunday was lots of FUN (and maybe only loosely punny). The work was far easier than I expected! Then again, producer, host and fellow judges were each delightful. BIG cheers to all those who participated, including our very own cooking dynamo Janice and most excellent Pei-Cen.

Wish me great luck on the many irons I have in the fire. One or more look just about ripe for sharing next RoundUP!

For those interested, here’s This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding.


Plenty of events coming up including:

Vegan Shop-Up [Manhattan] is Sunday August 10th

Sea Shepherd NYC hosting their annual S’mores fundraising event at V-Spot Monday August 11

Brooklyn Vegan Drinks‘ August Edition, this Thursday August 14th, will be middle eastern style

Vegan Shop-Up [Brooklyn] is NEXT Saturday August 16th

I continue to be encouraged by many strong media projects our community is putting out there. Including the slowly emerging and new vegan documentary CowspiracyIt premieres in NYC Thursday August 21 at 7 pm.
How is it you ask? Well, I saw it this morning and came up with this: If Food, Inc. and Meatonomics had a movie baby, it is the beautiful, thoughtful and daring documentary Cowspiracy.

Bethlehem VegFest is Saturday August 23rd. Anyone here going?
FYI Bethlehem, PA is home to Vegan Treats!

Question: Have any of you been to Smorgasburg this summer? Any new vegan finds? Super curious to get over there to taste Chickpea & Olive’s Luther donut sandwich. Plus find out what it is!



How Philly’s Vedge Is Taking Vegan Food to New Heights

Native Foods Cafe coming to DC this year

Baltimore debuts Vegan SoulFEST

Lastly, I was informed today that Whole Foods has a sale on ALL THE VEGAN ICE CREAM BRANDS. Would a confirmation from 2,3 of you into Saturday (and know the end sale date!)

OK, it’s a full weekend for me, so I’m signing off to hit the hay early 🙂

Be well (fed)!

Baller RoundUP (8/1/14)


Hello, and welcome to August everyone.

EXCITED to let you all know I am one of the judges for The Vegan Cook-Off: Best Balls Competition, Sunday August 3, 2 pm! I hope to see a bunch of you there cooking, eating and/or winning.

Please know Buffalo, NY has its WNY VegFest this Sunday also. Maybe you can invite some people in that area, make sure they know about it?

For those of you with cable, please watch my friend and colleague Ashlee of The Little Foxes on Live Well Network‘s show “Mirror/Mirror” at 8:30 pm Eastern. Her episode is about demystifying beauty buzzwords like ‪#‎vegan‬ ‪#‎crueltyfree‬ ‪#‎organic‬ ‪#‎nonGMO‬ and many others, showing real-life product examples that you can get at any health food store.

Please know The Seed is back for its third year, August 9 & 10 offering 50% off tickets clicking and buying them here! It will be my first time going as I’m finally in town for it!! Using this code is better than Living Social or any such deal site as The Seed Team gets ALL THE MONIES paid.

Please know about The Seed: VIP After Party, Benefiting Farm Sanctuary,  Saturday August 9

Monday August 11, Sea Shepherd NYC hosts their annual S’mores fundraising event at V-Spot. Do hope some of you will attend.

The new vegan documentary Cowspiracy is finally premiering in NYC Thursday August 21, 7 pm. Get tickets NOW before they sell out!!


Besides these upcoming events, want to let you all know I’m involved with a great many (bites nails) conversations about

  • a few new VegFests beyond our metro
  • more local, fun & ticketed events
  • a better home for RoundUP and useful vegan information resources otherwise


Speaking of which, VegNews Magazine seems to be on the mend as a September/October issue is being worked on now.

GustOrganics continues to appreciate our patronage, and promotion, of their Meatless Mondays menu that’s all vegan. Strong success here will help them increase their options all week long, perhaps even becoming an all veg spot!

Zebra Strategies, a market research firm, is looking for vegans 21–55 years old to participate in a two hour paid study/focus group. Contact them at (212) 244-3960 or for more information.

FWIW here’s This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 8/1/14

Very excited to see the names of Miyoko’s Kitchen vegan cheeses. Which one are you most excited to taste?

Until the next time, be well (fed).

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