Ascending RoundUP (11/7/14) featuring Vegano Italiano, La Fashionista Compassionista and Blossom Bakery’s return


Sweet Potato Tiramisu by Sweet Potato Soul

Hello hello.

I continue to be encouraged by veganism’s spread across this land, and the globe otherwise, seeing oh so many developments. Locally, we have a brand new vegan fashion magazine this week in La Fashionista Compassionista.  Local shero Victoria Moran aka Main Street Vegan is on this premiere issue’s cover; check it out. We also have the Blossom empire restoring their very busy bakery’s retail storefront. Terri is stepping out with their new comfort ‘plate’, that reminds me of a May picnic leaning into July’s BBQ season. Beyond Sushi opens their third MIDTOWN location T O D A Y!

Up north in Toronto, and elsewhere, vegan businesses like Speckled Fawn Soaps and NONA Vegan Foods are crowdfunding their next phases – please support them with dollars, of course, and spreading the word also!!! (Incidentally, these crowdfunding campaigns aren’t handouts despite media sensationalism. It is so much work for one you WOULD wish it on your worst enemy, or a truly annoying family member!)

And going beyond these shores, more vegan travel tours are emerging! Isa, Miyoko, Vegan Zombies and others just returned from a Caribbean cruise. That same company will close Summer 2015 with a vegan cruise to Alaska. Closer to my desk, Vegucated’s Marisa, Fran Costigan, Jasmin & Mariann from Our Hen House and others will be part of Vegano Italiano Festival 2015. This special event is four one-week travel tours, each with its own featured vegan(s). The tour is a bit south of Naples to the Amalfi Coast and Cilento region including Pompeii and much else. This is one of my new clients/jobs. As you might imagine, I’m tickled about it. Do hope a good many of you will look at being part of it for a special summer vacation!

Speaking of Italy, kudos to Jenné (aka Sweet Potato Soul) for her excellent Italian-themed four course dinner party popup last week. I’m so behind schedule here, and I know the photos are somewhere in the Cloud. So please allow me to leave you with at least a word picture of one course she realized to great accomplishment: Sweet Potato Tiramisu! It reminds me of what LifeThyme Bakery does with an ADDED level of culinary oomph to it all! Grazzi SPS!!



Starting Sat Nov 8, Marty’s Vegan Fast Food is at LIC Flea (indoors) for Winter, er, Autumn remaining. [VegOut’s Jim Allen confirms there are other vegan items, though not vendors, there.]

Wed Nov 12, Vegan Food Chat guests Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary

Sat Nov 15 is the Thanks a Lot! Vegan Shop-Up

Sat Nov 15, Jenné hosts and teaches at Delicious Ahimsa: A Gourmet Vegan Supper Club

Thu Nov 27, Thanksvegan potluck

Mon Dec 15, Da’Ves takes us for A Walk into the Winter Woods, her second vegan popup over at V-Spot

Mon Dec 15, Urban Utopia: Wildlife Wonderland Holiday Feast



Advance appreciation for a good many of you participating in a survey on veganism & consumer trust, helping one of us get that much closer to their Masters 😉

Was tickled to see there is a LOTTA vegan going on at Bryant Park’s Winter Village. Here’s what I’ve heard, but haven’t been before, so you’ll have to confirm for yourselves:

Here’s a set of coupons from/for Whole Foods.

Linking to Westerly’s month flyer (which helps remind me I’ve looked at it already); this is my favorite grocery store in NYC FYI.

Reminder: get your vegan nogs NOW! This stuff was hugely bought up BEFORE December 1 last year. So it didn’t make too many appearances at holiday gatherings, etc.

And YES, of course, please DO forward this enewsletter around. It might just save some lives – animal, and human too 😉


Please send links to ALL metro area Thanksvegan menus. I’ll continue pulling those together for sharing in the next RoundUP.

Until then, Demetrius



2 thoughts on “Ascending RoundUP (11/7/14) featuring Vegano Italiano, La Fashionista Compassionista and Blossom Bakery’s return

  1. Marty’s Vegan Fast Food will be at the LIC Holiday Flea & Food for the next 6 Saturdays and Sundays, through 12/21.

    There are indeed other vegan options but I don’t know if the other vendors will be there every day. We’re there 11am through 6pm.

    Come, eat, shop, buy, support the community, support the vegan option.

    And thanks, Demetrius, for the post!


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