Takeaway RoundUP (11/16/14) featuring NYC Thanksvegan options

After many pained starts*, let me get¬†on with sharing NYC’s Thanksvegan options ūüôā


Dear Chris and Rebecca,

Thanks so so much for sharing your terrific talents & team previewing the very tasty 2014 Thanksvegan menu Thursday. Your thoughts about where vegan is in 2014 were also awesome. Doug and I hugely appreciate ALL of this!

We’re wishing you a great many orders All Week Long!¬†I will submit mine for a slab or two shortly!!

Continued success to your family and business ūüôā


Besides all this tastiness by Monk’s Meats, the other known NYC Thanksvegan 2014 options are:


Candle Cafe

Candle Cafe West

Candle 79

Rockin’ Raw




Chickpea & Olive

Cinnamon Snail


Jay Astafa

Jenné Claiborne

LifeThyme Natural Market

Monk’s Meats

Seasoned Vegan




Angelica Kitchen

Blossom on Columbus

Organic Grill

Peacefood Downtown

Pure Food & Wine


Please know this list can and will evolve c/o its original blog post as I receive and add other menu links! (And yes, my blog template needs a makeover, plus a host migration, and plenty else!!)


Thanks to the 10 members who joined me Saturday for¬†this month’s Lunch B(r)unch¬†at¬†Bunna Cafe¬†and then¬†Vegan Shop-Up¬†afterwards. You can¬†see what I bought and (will) eat here. So pleased NYC vendors are kicking all kinds of ass on desserts and more!



Thu Nov 27, Thanksvegan day potluck in Brooklyn

Thu Nov 27, David Greene’s humungous veg*n meetup will be at three different Village spots

Sat Dec 6, Vegan Shop-Up @ Pine Box Rock Shop

Sun Dec 14, Vegan Shop-Up @ Moo Shoes

Mon Dec 15,¬†Da’Ves takes us for¬†A Walk into the Winter Woods,¬†her second vegan popup over at V-Spot

Mon Dec 15, Urban Utopia: Wildlife Wonderland Holiday Feast

Sat Dec 20, Vegan Shop-Up @ Pine Box Rock Shop



NYC has a couple new veg spots in Mint Vegan and Junie Dish. I hope to get to both this year yet. Continued thanks to Robyn and others who share such veg NYC intel I can share with all of you. If you go to both/either, let me know how you like it.

Be sure to check out Marty’s Vegan Fast Foods¬†Autumn Fridays at Brooklyn Pop-Up Holiday Market at Bat Haus¬†and LIC Flea both Saturdays and Sundays. Also please know¬†Mighty Edible has vegan options at Sugar Hill Market¬†(which happens every other Sunday).

Was tickled to see there is a LOTTA vegan going on at¬†Bryant Park’s Winter Village. Here’s what I’ve heard about it, though yet to verify first-hand, so please let me know what’s what:¬†New food shops include Blossom Du Jour (sandwiches, chili, baked goods, and their award winning HOT CHOCOLATE), Vegushi (all vegan sushi and miso soup), This Pie Is Nuts (mini vegan pies with nut crusts and maple syrup for sweetening), The Lucky Sailor (Belgian Fries and vegan dips), Soup of the Soul (all vegan soups), and Soocre Gourmet Handmade Candy (vegan sugar based hard candies). Returning food shops include Chimney Cakes (they switched to all vegan recipes over the offseason including vegan nutella ‚Äď it can be done!!!), Big Apple Cider (hot apple cider with no added sugar), Raaka Chocolate (all vegan chocolate), and Two Tablespoons (their 100% vegan menu of chilies and stews now includes several mashed potato recipes). And, that is just the food! There are many 100% vegan non-food shops including Cliff Belts (belts, bags and wallets made from cork), Wrecords by Monkey (jewelry and other stuff made from recycled records), Lucy and Leo (vegan baby clothes), Surya Brasil (all vegan skin care and hair care products), and Bergies Super Socks (vegan socks-no wool) just to name a few. ALSO, the ice skates are non-leather. Yay!!!

NYC’s First Official¬†Cat Cafe¬†Opens Next Month! (And there’s a second one, owned by other folks I believe, coming into 2015.)

Vegan Drinks NYC¬†is on hiatus as they retool for 2015. I am very excited to see what the new team will do with ‘the mothership’ ūüôā


Appreciation for your sharing¬†this e-newsletter around. It might just save some lives – animal, and human too ūüėČ

With Warmth & Wellness, Demetrius



*Friday morning 11/14, I started excitedly writing this RoundUP a few times. Its title was uncertain, my opening was unclear. So I browser tabbed over to my email to review the latest, and find a solid something to get this going. There, I noticed a newly delivered email response to last week’s RoundUP:

“I’m unsubscribing myself from your mailing list. I am appalled by your lack of support towards events that promote veganism and your lack of support towards the animal rights community. It saddens me to see how our community is segregated by its own members. We need people that support each other within our community so we can grow stronger. Wish you luck and hope you are able to support efforts that speak about veganism.”

WTF??!¬†I created this volunteer communication to share,¬†support and promote veganism noting NYC vegan scene. AND actually had (and still have) an AR event listed!! This hurt my feelings HUGELY. Because this was now the second instance of someone¬†devaluing and misrepresenting work I enjoy. While I am struggling to find peace with¬†weird¬†Wednesday news of a friend and community leader choosing to exit life. WHAT A WEEK! No bitterness at all though. As you might detect, there is a good deal of tenderness from feeling ‘hit’ though. And perhaps new strength from it.

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