Prosperous RoundUP (11/21/14) featuring Champs reboots and updated NYC Thanksvegan options

SOME of the vegan wines & cheeses meetup in Westchester

SOME of the vegan wines & cheeses meetup in Westchester (click to enlarge)

Hi hi.

So Champs Diner (not the be confused with Champs Bakery, Champs Jr. OR the reported Champs Corner Grocery) has moved to 197 Meserole, which is around the way from Dun-Well Doughnuts and also the L train’s Montrose stop. Hooray for y’all sharing real-time intel(ligence) on these things! Just realizing with a vegan grocery, Champs could become NYC’s 2nd largest vegan empire (by number of locations). After Blossom, which seems to be near 10 now, and going past the Candle and Beyond Sushi trios. GO VEGAN NYC!

Had the great fortune of attending that vegan wine & cheese meetup at an oils & vinegar store up in Westchester; thanks SO MUCH Carmella & Carlo! Do believe this event deserves a version in the city. WHERE is such a store though? That’s vegan (friendly) and ready for a sizable crowd though?? Anyone? Soon as we have a viable venue, I can put together this special, ticketed event with cheeses from near and far!


Here’s the updated NYC Thanksvegan options I know of


Candle Cafe

Candle Cafe West

Candle 79

Rockin’ Raw




Chickpea & Olive

Cinnamon Snail


Jay Astafa

Jenné Claiborne

LifeThyme Natural Market

Monk’s Meats

Seasoned Vegan




Angelica Kitchen

Blossom on Columbus

Organic Grill

Peacefood Downtown

Pure Food & Wine


Please know this list can and will evolve c/o this blog post as I receive and add other menu links!



Thu Nov 27, Thanksvegan day potluck in Brooklyn

Thu Nov 27, David Greene’s humungous veg*n meetup will be at three different Village spots

Sat Dec 6, Vegan Shop-Up @ Pine Box Rock Shop

Sun Dec 14, Vegan Shop-Up @ Moo Shoes

Mon Dec 15, Da’Ves takes us for A Walk into the Winter Woods, her second vegan popup over at V-Spot

Mon Dec 15, Urban Utopia: Wildlife Wonderland Holiday Feast

Sat Dec 20, Vegan Shop-Up @ Pine Box Rock Shop


I appreciate being here with you all. THANKS!



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One thought on “Prosperous RoundUP (11/21/14) featuring Champs reboots and updated NYC Thanksvegan options

  1. Hi, Rockin’ Raw is also offering an amazing vegan, gluten free, raw and cooked organic vegan Thankagiving. Rockin’ Raw also has pies and thanksgiving delights for take away

    Rockin’ Raw
    171 Sullivan Street
    Between Houston and Bleecker
    NYC – Greenwich Village/ Soho

    Thanksgiving hours 11am-5pm
    Black Friday noon-7pm

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