Jingling RoundUP 12/25/14 featuring NYE options, coconut jerky and Philly finale


V-Street’s halva soft serve with cherries (photo by Doug Greene)

Hola! Final week of the year – WOWIE.

Reflecting on MANY things here, not the least of which is what all I ate this year (happy sigh and big grin).

Speaking of which, I was lucky enough to share one more foodie fellas adventure with Doug this week. We bopped over to Philly visiting the just turning one year old Vegan Commissary only to find they mainly serve the public weekend brunches, with an occasional special event. Then I retraced steps from six months ago, introducing Doug to the new swank vegan lounge, Charlie was a sinner. While embarassed for NYC, I’m grateful I can hop a bus and get to this wonderful place. Now to have a date date there (wink). We wrapped things up – yes, there was more food! – at the even newer global street food goes vegan join, V Street, from the Horizons/Vedge team. In short, the magic continues in an even more dynamic way. Already plotting a return to enjoy more of the menu! My pics of V Street (Round 1) are here.

This week, I also had the chance to check out Champs Diner‘s new location (around the corner from Dun-Well Doughnuts). I enjoyed it and want to note it’s WAY closer to a subway stop. Also their menu has indeed changed in its design as well as some of the eats. Was over in that neck of the woods to visit Cocoburg‘s kitchen. This is a locally made, raw coconut jerky that a couple of you mentioned I needed to check out back this Summer during its successful Kickstarter campaign.

Have any of you been to Vegan Bryant Park? What’s THE thing to eat there? drink?

I’ve been in the kitchen a good deal for various home meals, and a few potlucks, this month. So much so I usually need to kick back after all is said and done. Good way to get back into reading though (laughter).


As requested I’m sharing the NYC Vegan NYE Options I heard about:


GustOrganics Organic New Years Party

Cubana Social’s 5 Course Dinner with Vegan Options + Live Afro-Latin Jazz Performances by The Wayne Tucker Trio



NOW, Vaute Couture’s SoHo Holiday Shop

NOW, NYC’s VEGAN Winter Village at Bryant Park

Sat Jan 3, January Vegan T-shirt Day! EVERYWHERE

Thu Jan 29, Vegan Drinks, January 2015: Benefits Collectively Free! Food by Chickpea & Olive!

Sat Feb 7, February Vegan T-shirt Day! EVERYWHERE

Sat Mar 29, Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2015

Sat Jun 13, Better Booze Festival 2015


OK, an early Happy New Year to you ALL!




Please join this innovative health campaign

Encourage others to explore be(com)ing vegan for at least 30 days


Look what’s coming May 19th from a local powerhouse

Attention vegan bloggers & friends, it’s Going ON in Austin, TX May 29-31

Chill out this summer with a vegan Italian travel tour

L.A. Vegan Food Residency, sketched

So a vegan food residency is something I dreamed up a few seasons ago. It’s a solution to how I might take my time to effectively and inexpensively visit a great many friends in one metro area, gain a better sense of it AND graze through a great many veg spots. Seems like a good few dozen people, and spots, could happen. The three cities for this are Los Angeles, Portland OR (aka vegan mecca) and Toronto. If I didn’t live in NYC, that’d like be one too. It seems like I would be home-hosted in all these places.  Which means I can leave my NYC room as is and avoid this extra work!

To keep the venue count high and be sure to hit a great/er number of places, I think a weekly crawl (6+ spots) will be useful followed by a day of lighter eating, perhaps raw and/or home cooking. Generically speaking, think breakfasts will be at ‘homebase’. And some spots might be repeated. So a good 3,4 dozen venues will happen. 50 is desired number for each metro.

For L.A., a car is necessary. Seemingly, a rental car – which actually looks to be rather modest in cost if I don’t go all too much spending on gas!

To help figure out the vegan geography out there and get a sense of veg spots, I created four specific crawls and a general grab bag list for spots that aren’t hit and run:

Vegucated cruises West Hollywood

Vegucated strolls Silverlake

Vegucated crawls Culver City

Vegucated crawls Orange County, CA

L.A. Vegan Food Residency


fin/ally RoundUP 12/18/14 featuring Vegan Bryant Park‬, NYE query & Christmas options


Seasons Greetings!

Was excited to see 80+ VEGAN vendors (food and otherwise) are part of Bryant Park Winter Village through January 4th #veganbryantpark. This is the very sort of thing a quality vegan professional, and very well networked publicist, like Nell Alk should be paid for and working on. And certainly part of what we here in NYC want to have plenty more of. Hooray for vegan businesses continuing to prosper!

Before I forget, now issuing a Vegan APB for a public vegan NYE party in NYC I might let people know about. A good few people are looking for such an event ASAP! Only thing I’ve seen so far is that Candle 79 offers a special NYE menu.

Saw a ‘vegan coach trip‘ bopping around the web the other day through another meetup. So I’m now publicly lobbying Doug to put together something similar for us as he had this idea long long ago! PLEASE join me in encouraging him to do so when you (se)e him next 😉

While the lobby train is rolling, please let Santa know at least a few of us would LOVE a new all vegAN pizza  joint in the boroughs, that is a mix of what was loved about Viva (West Village), LI’s 3 Brothers and the former incarnation of Denver’s City o’ City.

Of the three holiday nogs, Califia Farms, Silk and So Delicious. It’s hands down So Delicious for me. Believe they toned down the sugar and made it a bit thinner this year – LOVE it. Could easily drink, er, buy gallons of it.


Here’s the unfolding list of NYC Christmas offerings I’ve heard about after making a good few inquiries…



Cinnamon Snail

Jivamuktea Cafe

Monk’s Meats

Sarah Eve Cardell

Sweet To Lick Bakery

Terri FiDi



(none I know of as of this writing)



Peacefood Uptown (regular menu)


Please know this list continues to evolve c/o this blog post as I receive and add other menu links. If you have one to share, email me!



NOW, NYC’s VEGAN Winter Village at Bryant Park

Sat Dec 20, Vegan Shop-Up @ Pine Box Rock Shop

Sat Dec 20, Empty Cages Collective Fundraiser! @ Pine Box Rock Shop

Sat Jan 3, January Vegan T-shirt Day! EVERYWHERE

Thu Jan 29, Vegan Drinks, January 2015: Benefits Collectively Free! Food by Chickpea & Olive!

Sat Feb 7, February Vegan T-shirt Day! EVERYWHERE

Sat Mar 29, Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2015

Sat Jun 13, Better Booze Festival 2015


Buh bye Autumn 2014!!! (wipes brows and falls back into the couch)



Come join me and others in Italy July 2015 

Encourage others to explore vegan for January

Pre-order Victoria Moran‘s 12th book, Good Karma Diet

Love to read your answers on this 2014 review post

Ramp up the forthcoming campaign for doctors to prescribe plant-based eating


Shortened RoundUP (12/6/14) featuring Vegan Shop-Up TODAY, ice cream cakes and a vegan school


Hey herbivores

Just swooshing through to

remind you all about the first of December’s three Vegan Shop-Ups starting TODAY. This one’s at Pine Box Rock Shop as usual. ENJOY yourselves if you go. Other two dates are shared far below.

note how tickled I was to see there is now a fully realized vegan ice cream cakes business now in Sweet Annabelle’s. Haven’t had the goods yet myself. Lemme know if you have!

let those of you who have, or around, vegan kids in NYC know of the emerging Solutionary School NYC, which could be considered a vegan school and FAR more! They have an upcoming event where you can learn more in-person!



Sacred Chow

Sweet to Lick (LI)



Here’s the unfolding list of NYC Christmas menus I’ve heard about


Cinnamon Snail

Please know this list continues to evolve c/o this blog post as I receive and add other menu links.



Sat Dec 6, Vegan Shop-Up @ Pine Box Rock Shop

Sun Dec 7, Little Harlem Kitchen: Southern Holiday Brunch

Sun Dec 14, Vegan Shop-Up @ Moo Shoes

Sun Dec 14, Solutionary School Holiday Event

Mon Dec 15, Urban Utopia: Wildlife Wonderland Holiday Feast

Sat Dec 20, Vegan Shop-Up @ Pine Box Rock Shop

Thu Jan 29, Vegan Drinks, January 2015: Benefits Collectively Free! Food by Chickpea & Olive!

Sat Mar 29, Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2015

Sat Jun 13, Better Booze Festival 2015


Wishing you all the best of these December (holi)days!



Quite the array of vegan crowdfunding campaigns this week

Will I see you in Italy next Summer?

Drool over Demetrius’ delicious scores from November’s Vegan Shop-Up



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