Spike Lee, 1957 (American film director, producer, writer, and actor)


Spike Lee is an outspoken filmmaker who is helped Hollywood find two of its biggest movie stars, Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson. He’s made dozens of films largely independent of Hollywood moviemaking. Some credit him with kicking off the flurry of independently made movies in the 1990s. He is a NYU film school graduate, and long-time professor. He’s an avid fan of basketball and the NY Knicks.

Spike’s first feature movie, She’s Gotta Have It, released 8 August 1986 recently had its Saturn Return (3Sag14). Curiously, he received a honorary Oscar for his contributions to filmmaking 14 November 2015 (6Sag04)

Regardless of his birth time, his first Saturn Return was exact December 22, 1986.

His second Saturn Return happens in three parts due to Saturn retrograding. All three dates are in 2016: February 2, May 17 and October 30.



Shelton Jackson “Spike” Lee, 20 March 1957, Time TBD, Atlanta, GA, USA. SOURCE: Wikipedia

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