Holly Daze RoundUP 12/17/15 – final 2015 Vegan Shop-Up, new spots & products


Cheese flight of Treeline, Dr. Cow and Cheezehound. Featuring sham and shalami by Monk’s Meats.


Hi. Happy Holidays (and heatwave on hiatus).

A number of you have commenting on missing, needing RoundUP to remain as is. Thanks for that gentle and important feedback. Please know I actually need this resource too. Partly to share with many visiting vegans asking for this kind of thing. Partly because I’m very much for greater visibility of what’s happening in our community. And otherwise needing something to organize upcoming events as they simply are not top of mind as I juggle other concerns in my exciting post-Vegucated days! Still, here’s a special edition of RoundUP.

Glad to report I finally found Kite Hill raviolis at WFM Union Square; Chelsea is suppose to have this WFM exclusive also. Spinach + Ricotta is quite quite nice, if priced a bit high. Call it a date night for one. Mushroom + Ricotta is the other flavor; found it this week and excited to try it.

PLEASE check out the many vegan eats, and items otherwise, at Bryant Park Winter Village including Marty’s V Burger, Sweet Maresa, Lagusta’s Luscious. The latter two can be found as Kaleidoscope out there. FWIW I like Marty’s mac and cheese over the Super Mac & Cheese place. And the buffalo drumsticks are GREAT.

I was quite happy with and recommend the eats at Avant Garden. Loosely speaking, I consider it Counter 2.0. I found Toad Style to be worth the trek (on a J train), and look forward to tasting the other half of the menu. I like V Burger USA, though need them to learn how to fry STAT. Messing up onion rings is heresy in my book. Then again, the cherry shake was top notch.

I might be most taken with Riverdel (though I might be saying it far too much as RiverDALE – oops). This is the new vegan cheeses shop around from the Brooklyn Museum. It really is excellent. Please bop by soon to enjoy a cheese flight, the orgasmic mozzarella-pesto-tomatoe butter sandwich and plenty else. They sell 15 or so vegan cheeses from around the country, and some coming from abroad SOON  🙂 They also have Anita’s two new yogurts with fruit at the bottom; this is coconut based. And a new yogurt, locally made, called Bryt Life; it’s soy based.

Speaking of new vegan stores, please support our members Carlo & Carmella as they Kickstart their new business V Marks the Shop. And please note their special event below.

Excited to note V-Spot will have a THIRD location up and running in so many days. Similarly, Terri is readying its 3rd spot near the U.N.  And in what could be the most stunning vegan play of the year by Chloe. has TWO more locations opening in their very first year. Marty’s V Burger has a permanent location, due to open in so many weeks. Cinnamon Snail‘s return with a permanent location, so much so I need to see where in fact it is before further comment. A 2015 NYC list of openings, closings and coming soon spots lives here.

Stoked for Monk’s Meats being part of Intuit Quickbooks’ ON IT digital campaign. It’s five short videos, one per weekday; the v-word said plenty times throughout 🙂 Please note their special event below.

Tickled to let you know I am now producing Vegan Iron Chef All-Stars Competition out in San Francisco this February, with NYC’s Jay Astafa competing. Appreciate your support, nudging locals to buy tickets, and any sponsorship referrals you might have. Fingers crossed for a streaming sponsor for all those not on site.


Thanks for continuing to share NYC vegan scene intel, responses to product APBs, and all the rest for these missives I share 🙂




Sat Dec 19, final 2015 Vegan Shop-Up (Pine Box Rock Shop)

Sat Dec 19, VSPOT‘s Holiday Market


Sun Dec 20, Animal Rights & Environmental Movie Day

Tue Dec 22, Los Veganos Hermanos‘ Tamales Pop-Up (collaboration between Vegicano/Rudy R. and Monk’s Meats)

Sat Dec 26, vegetable-centric Mediterranean dinner pop-up


Mon Dec 28, Let’s Make 2016 #VeganStrong: A Fundraiser for V Marks the Shop

Thu Dec 31, New Year’s Eve Extravaganza @ VSPOT Organic


Fri Jan 22, Mississippi Vegan‘s Four Course Creole pop up supper


Sat Jan 16, Vegan Shop-Up (Pine Box Rock Shop)


Sat Feb 13, Vegan Shop-Up (Pine Box Rock Shop)


Sat Mar 12, Vegan Shop-Up (Pine Box Rock Shop)


Sat Apr 16, Vegan Shop-Up (Pine Box Rock Shop)



Thanks for reading. Glad I took the time to write this, missed it these last five months!



p.s. please download the iOS app for More Than Salad as we work towards greater vegan visibility

p.p.s. please consider getting your vegan Italy on with the cheesemaker Miyoko Schinner or plant-based dietitian Julieanna Hever in 2016

p.p.p.s doing the former two items helps me afford a virtual assistant, so 2016 could easily find us with a twice monthly, maybe even weekly, RoundUP

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