Vegan RoundUP Mountain & Central (Feb ’17) – My Vegan Valentine! & 2017 PHX Vegan Food Festival

Poutine at Chicago Diner, Chicago [Photo: Steph Brontman]

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Hiya. Hope this edition finds you well.

Our headline findings for middle Canada & USA are light. Again. Yet I’m enthused about reports of Ben & Jerry’s stealth distribution of three new vegan flavors including their signature Cherry Garcia in at least the USA as of this writing. Appreciate hearing when and where you find the new flavors ) Caramel Almond Brittle and Coconut Seven Layer being the other two. 

Otherwise, wishing you and yours a Happy Valentine’s, and a great three day weekend (next week).

Until the next time!




Vegan Pie is All the Rage at Sundance Film Festival

Craft Beer Mixing With Vegan Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza In Lakeview [Chicago]


Openings, Closings & Announcements of Vegan Eateries (Pacific) (Mountain) (Central) (Eastern) (Global)



Vegan RoundUP Pacific (Jan ’17) – Veg Shabbat-luck + VEGAN Brews And BBQ

Vegan RoundUP Eastern (Dec ’16) – Vegan NYE Wine & Cheese Board Pop Up

RoundUP Global 12/15/16 – Raw Vitality Vegan Christmas Class, Vegan Repair Weekend Retreat & Vegan Christmas Chocolate Workshop

RoundUP Mountain & Central 12/8/16 – Holiday Vegan Pop-Up Market & Holiday Pie Sunday!


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Wed Feb 8, Vegan Cooking Class: Ethiopian Dishes! [Kansas City]

Thu Feb 9, Aphrodisiac Cooking Class and Dinner [Wheeling, IL]

Thu Feb 9, Vegan Drinks : February Edition [Denver]

Sat Feb 11, Café-Cultura-Arte Valentine Edition [Chicago]


Sun Feb 12, My Vegan Valentine! [Chicago]

Sun Feb 12, Oil Free Vegan PD Potluck [Chicago]

Sun Feb 12, Vegan Valentine’s Bake Sale [Chicago]

Mon Feb 13, Open Buffet – Vegan Valentine’s Eve Indian Feast for Only $10! [Chicago]

Tue Feb 14, Valentine Day Dinner [Saint Ann, MO]

Sat Feb 18, Plant Powered Prep Grand Opening [Chandler]


Wed Feb 22, Austin Blind Cafe [Austin]

Thu Feb 23, Austin Blind Cafe [Austin]

Fri Feb 24, Austin Blind Cafe [Austin]

Sat Feb 25, 2017 PHX Vegan Food Festival [Phoenix]

Sat Feb 25, Vegan Chili Contest [Overland Park, KS]


Tue Feb 28, Let’s Have Some Tacos and Burgers at T & B Grill Tuesday [Chicago]

Wed Mar 1, Let’s Have Some Tacos and Burgers at T & B Grill Wednesday [Chicago]

Sat Mar 4, Fundraiser for the Humane Society of LA & Nola Veggie Fest [New Orleans]


Sun Mar 26, Just Start Here: Tools for Blossoming in a Vegan Lifestyle [Scottsdale]



Sat Apr 8, Nashville Vegfest 2017 [Nashville]


Sun Apr 9, Nashville Vegfest 2017 [Nashville]



Sat Jun 24, VegFest Kansas City 2017 [Kansas City]



Sat Jul 1, Red & Green VegFest – Compassion Love in Action [Albuquerque]


Sat Jul 22, VegFest Colorado 2017 [Denver]


Sun Jul 23, VegFest Colorado 2017 [Denver]



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