Vegan RoundUP Global (Feb ’17) – Walsall Vegan Fair & Vegan Day out Festival


Many scrumptious eats by weight at Lekker Gec, Ghent Belgium [Photo: Demetrius Bagley]


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Amazed and tickled to see even more headlines of new vegan eateries, especially more from the U.K. and Australia. What IS going on over there?!! Appreciate hearing your insights and theories. 

Meanwhile, I’m researching Turin, Italy’s bustling upscale vegan dining scene as I flirt with checking that out after a Vegan Travel Club tour beginning of Summer or Autumn. And otherwise, wondering if this is the year to finally check out Montreal and spend a great many days in Toronto enjoying its vegan and other scenes…

Time will tell. You be well!



A vegan cafe in meat-mad Mexico City

Vegans craving ice cream, get ready to chase Over the Moo down the street

Vegan food joint Moo-Free Burgers taking off in Brisbane

All-Vegan Café to Open in Melbourne Mid-March

This All-Vegan Burger Bar In London Will Make You Question EVERYTHING

Vegan chef King Cookdaily shares his five favourite spots in London

British Academy Awards to Serve Vegan Menu

Marks & Spencer Launch Vegan Sandwiches In Response To ‘Veganuary’ Demand

Grub’s vegan food fair will feature TEN vegan friendly beers

North East entrepreneurs launch Newcastle vegan art cafe Wildflower

Crowdfunding Bid To Push Forward Aberdeen’s First Permanent Vegan Cafe

Go Vegan World will be the first vegan campaign to feature at an international sporting event


Openings, Closings & Announcements of Vegan Eateries (Pacific) (Mountain) (Central) (Eastern) (Global)




Vegan RoundUP Mountain & Central (Feb ’17) – My Vegan Valentine! & 2017 PHX Vegan Food Festival

Vegan RoundUP Pacific (Feb ’17) – Vegan Super Bowl Bonanza, Valentine’s Vegan Bake Sale

Vegan RoundUP Eastern (Jan ’17) – Vegan Brunch Takeover & Super Philly Chili Bowl

Vegan RoundUP Global (Jan ’17) – A Veganuary Feast, Vegan Australia Day!


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Thu Feb 16, Vegan Art&Music Supper Club [Hove, UK]

Sat Feb 18, Walsall Vegan Fair [Walsall, UK]

Sat Feb 18, Taller de Cocina Vegana para el Año Nuevo [Carolina, Puerto Rico]

Sat Feb 18, South-East Asian Vegan Supper Club [Shoreham-by-Sea, UK]

Sat Feb 18, Vegan Singles Meet Up! [Brighton, UK]


Sun Feb 19, Vegan Sundays at Cafe Van Gogh [London]

Mon Feb 20, Cafe SoVegan‘s 1st Birthday Supper Club! [London]

Fri Feb 24, The London Bagel Co. Vegan Burger Launch [London]

Sat Feb 25, Portsmouth Vegan Festival [Portsmouth, UK]

Sat Feb 25, LDN VGN Social [London]

Sat Feb 25, Mindfulness & Vegan Breakfast Morning [Liverpool, UK]

Sat Feb 25, Vegan Day out Festival [Ibiza, Spain]


Sun Feb 26, Ab Fab Vegan Food, Skincare, & Fun at The Paget Rooms Penarth [Penarth, UK]

Sun Feb 26, Puerto Rico Vegan Fest 2017 [Fajardo, Puerto Rico]

Sun Feb 26, Tegan the Vegan comes to Hackney! [London]

Sat Mar 4, Essex Vegan Festival [Colchester, Essex, UK]

Sat Mar 4, Evesham Vegan Fair 2017 [Evesham, UK]


Sun Mar 5, South West Vegan Festival [Bristol, UK]

Sat Mar 11, Vegfest UK Brighton 2017 [Brighton, UK]

Sat Mar 11, Brighton Vegan Beer Festival [Brighton, UK]


Sun Mar 12, Vegfest UK Brighton 2017 [Brighton, UK]

Sun Mar 12, Brighton Vegan Beer Festival [Brighton, UK]

Sat Mar 18, St Helens Town Hall Vegan Fair [St. Helens, UK]

Sat Mar 18, Yoga & vegan cooking in Kent [Pluckley, UK]


Sun Mar 19, Yoga & vegan cooking in Kent [Pluckley, UK]

Sat Mar 25, Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Festival -Morlan Centre-Aberystwyth [Aberystwyth, UK]

Sat Mar 25, Oxford Vegan Festival [Oxford, UK]

Sat Mar 25, Kingston Yoga & Vegan Food Festival [Kingston upon Thames, UK]

Sat Mar 25, Live A Better Life Vegan Fair Liverpool [Liverpool, UK]



Sat Apr 1, Northern Vegan Festival 2017 [Manchester, UK]


Sat Apr 22, VFP VEGAN Festival [Brighton, UK]

Sat Apr 22, VeggieWorld Paris avril 2017 [Paris]


Sun Apr 23, VFP VEGAN Festival [Brighton, UK]

Sun Apr 23, VeggieWorld Paris avril 2017 [Paris]



Sat May 13, The Big Vegan Market [Melbourne, Australia]

Sat May 13, Cork Vegfest [Cork, Ireland]


Sun May 28, Aberdeen Vegan Festival [Aberdeen, UK]



Sat Jun 17, Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 2017 [Leeds]



Fri Jul 7, UK Vegan Camp-Out 2017 [Nottingham, UK]

Sat Jul 8, UK Vegan Camp-Out 2017 [Nottingham, UK]


Sun Jul 9, UK Vegan Camp-Out 2017 [Nottingham, UK]



Fri Aug 25, Veganes Sommerfest Berlin [Berlin]

Sat Aug 26, Veganes Sommerfest Berlin [Berlin]


Sun Aug 27, Veganes Sommerfest Berlin [Berlin]



Sat Sep 16, Veggie Fair 2017 powered by Vegenement [Landgoed De Olmenhorst, Netherlands]


Sat Sep 16, Veggie Fair 2017 powered by Vegenement [Landgoed De Olmenhorst, Netherlands]



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