Vegan RoundUP Pacific (Mar ’17) – Vegan Yack Attack popup event! & Vegan Street Fair LA

The Wanderer at Bar Kindred, San Diego [Photo: Steph Brontman]

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Hello early Spring or is that late Winter. Who knows these days, right?

As always, I appreciate you reading this missive Steph & I put together each week – for the various editions. Are you subscribed to all the ones you need? How about your fellow veg folks?  

If you are out in or near LA, urge you to join us for the 3rd annual Vegan Street Fair. It’s a big fun tasty event outside with plenty people, dance musics, and more. I’ll be in town for that and leading the Awards program.




Vegan Butcher Shop to Open on Canada’s West Coast [Victoria, BC]

I scream for vegan ice cream?! A new Seattle spot’s getting raves

Vegan convenience store Food Fight! expands to second location in Gateway District [Portland]

Oakland’s Encuentro Has Suddenly Shuttered

The Valley’s New Vegan Cajun Joint Proves There’s Something For Everyone in LA


Openings, Closings & Announcements of Vegan Eateries (Pacific) (Mountain) (Central) (Eastern) (Global)




Vegan RoundUP Eastern (Feb ’17) – Charlotte Vegfest Jr. & James Bears House Goes Vegan

Vegan RoundUP Global (Feb ’17) – Walsall Vegan Fair & Vegan Day out Festival

Vegan RoundUP Mountain & Central (Feb ’17) – My Vegan Valentine! & 2017 PHX Vegan Food Festival

Vegan RoundUP Pacific (Feb ’17) – Vegan Super Bowl Bonanza, Valentine’s Vegan Bake Sale


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Thu Mar 2, San Francisco Blind Cafe

Fri Mar 3, San Francisco Blind Cafe

Sat Mar 4, San Francisco Blind Cafe

Sat Mar 4, SOLD OUT! Mexican Beach Fare [Seattle]

Sat Mar 4, Vegan Yack Attack popup event! [Las Vegas]

Sat Mar 4, Vegan Brews, BBQ, and Shopping For Kitties! [Los Angeles]


Sun Mar 5, Vegan Yack Attack popup event! [Las Vegas]

Tue Mar 7, Cooking With Jackfruit Workshop [South Pasadena]

Wed Mar 8, What the Health Los Angeles Movie Premiere [Los Angeles]

Thu Mar 9, What the Health San Francisco Movie Premiere [San Francisco]

Sat Mar 11, Vegan Brews And BBQ at Mikkeller Brewing [San Diego]


Thu Mar 16, Popup beer & dinner party! [Las Vegas]


Sun Mar 19, Bird Lovers Workshop and Vegan Egg Cooking Class [Seattle]

Sun Mar 19, Class: Making Vegan Spring Rolls [Los Angeles]

Sat Mar 25, Pints for Pigs and Other Critters Seattle Film Premiere [Seattle]

Sat Mar 25, You Art What You Eat 2017 [Los Angeles]


Sun Mar 26, Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles 2017 [Los Angeles]

Sat Apr 1, Mega Burgers and Fries [Seattle]

Sat Apr 1, The Humane League San Diego Gala – A Celebration for The Animals [San Diego]


Sun Apr 2, Creative Vegan Cooking 102: 4 Week Course [Seattle]

Sun Apr 2, Class: Vegan Made Easy and Cheap [Los Angeles]

Sun Apr 2, Build Loveland Farm Sanctuary – Spring Fundraiser! [Huntington Beach]

Thu Apr 6, Portland Blind Cafe [Portland]

Fri Apr 7, Portland Blind Cafe [Portland]

Sat Apr 8, Portland Blind Cafe [Portland]

Sat Apr 8, A vegan happening: Beyond the Valley of the Vegans [Los Angeles]

Sat Apr 8, Vegan Brunch Basics [Seattle]


Sun Apr 9, Creative Vegan Cooking 102: 4 Week Course [Seattle]

Thu Apr 13, Veg Out Seattle 2017 [Seattle]

Sat Apr 15, Thug Kitchen popup event! [Las Vegas]


Sun Apr 16, Thug Kitchen popup event! [Las Vegas]

Sat Apr 22, Global Comfort Foods [Seattle]


Sun Apr 23, Creative Vegan Cooking 102: 4 Week Course [Seattle]


Sun Apr 30, VegFest Los Angeles 2017 [Los Angeles]

Sun Apr 30, Creative Vegan Cooking 102: 4 Week Course [Seattle]



Thu May 4, Creative Vegan Cooking 101: May 2017 [Seattle]

Sat May 6, L.A. Vegan Underground Supper Club: “Serving Fish” [Los Angeles]


Sun May 7, Herbivore Festival [Yucaipa, CA]

Thu May 11, Creative Vegan Cooking 101: May 2017 [Seattle]


Thu May 18, Creative Vegan Cooking 101: May 2017 [Seattle]


Thu May 25, Creative Vegan Cooking 101: May 2017 [Seattle]

Sat May 27, Eat Drink Vegan 2017 [Pasadena]



Sun Jun 25, Afternoon Tea with the Rabbits (Vegan Potluck) [San Diego]



Sat Jul 8, Long Beach Vegan Festival [Long Beach]



Sat Sep 30, 2017 Vegas VegFest [Las Vegas]



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