Vegan RoundUP Global (Mar ’17) – Let’s (VEGAN) PARTY & Vegan Day Out Ibiza


Sushi course at Itadaki Zen, London England [Photo: Demetrius Bagley]


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Hi. And happy end o’ winter to ya.

At this rate, I’m going to have to get over to London or really the UK overall to see ‘what the health’ is going on over there. And how can we get more of it going here? Including the vegan fried not chick’n shack 🙂

Cheers! Demetrius



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Monthly vegan market in London

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Openings, Closings & Announcements of Vegan Eateries (Pacific) (Mountain) (Central) (Eastern) (Global)




Vegan RoundUP Mountain & Central (Mar ’17) – Eat All The Pi(e)! & Vegan Barbacoa and Big Red Class

Vegan RoundUP Pacific (Mar ’17) – Vegan Yack Attack popup event! & Vegan Street Fair LA

Vegan RoundUP Eastern (Feb ’17) – Charlotte Vegfest Jr. & James Beard House Goes Vegan

Vegan RoundUP Global (Feb ’17) – Walsall Vegan Fair & Vegan Day out Festival


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Thu Mar 16, Let’s (VEGAN) PARTY [London]

Sat Mar 18, St Helens Town Hall Vegan Fair [St. Helens, UK]

Sat Mar 18, Yoga & vegan cooking in Kent [Pluckley, UK]

Sat Mar 18, Absolutely Vegan Market Stall [Burton upon Trent, UK]

Sat Mar 18, Hackney Downs Vegan Market [London]


Sun Mar 19, Yoga & vegan cooking in Kent [Pluckley, UK]

Sat Mar 25, Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Festival -Morlan Centre-Aberystwyth [Aberystwyth, UK]

Sat Mar 25, Oxford Vegan Festival [Oxford, UK]

Sat Mar 25, Kingston Yoga & Vegan Food Festival [Kingston upon Thames, UK]

Sat Mar 25, Live A Better Life Vegan Fair Liverpool [Liverpool, UK]

Sat Mar 25, The Vegan Nigerian Dinner Party [London]



Sat Apr 1, Northern Vegan Festival 2017 [Manchester, UK]


Sun Apr 2, The Brixton Spring Vegan Festival! [London]

Sat Apr 8, VON Picnic in the Park [Manchester, UK]

Sat Apr 8, Burton Vegan Fair [Burton upon Trent, UK]


Sat Apr 15, Lincoln Vegan Festival [Lincoln, UK]


Mon Apr 17, Vegan Day Out Ibiza [Ibiza, Spain]

Sat Apr 22, VFP VEGAN Festival [Brighton, UK]

Sat Apr 22, VeggieWorld Paris avril 2017 [Paris]


Sun Apr 23, VFP VEGAN Festival [Brighton, UK]

Sun Apr 23, VeggieWorld Paris avril 2017 [Paris]

Sat May 27, Southend Vegan Fair 2017 [Southend-on-Sea, UK]



Sat May 6, Nottingham Viva! Vegan Festival [Nottingham, UK]


Sat May 13, The Big Vegan Market [Melbourne, Australia]

Sat May 13, Cork Vegfest [Cork, Ireland]


Sun May 14, VON Vegan Picnic in the Park [Manchester, UK]

Fri May 19, Norwich Vegan Camp [Norwich, UK]

Sat May 20, Norwich Vegan Camp [Norwich, UK]


Sun May 21, Norwich Vegan Camp [Norwich, UK]

Mon May 22, Norwich Vegan Camp [Norwich, UK]

Sat May 27, VON Manchester Vegan Fair 2017 [Manchester, UK]


Sun May 28, Aberdeen Vegan Festival [Aberdeen, UK]



Sat Jun 3, Vegan Street Food Festival 2017 [Huddersfield, UK]


Sat Jun 17, Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 2017 [Leeds]



Fri Jul 7, UK Vegan Camp-Out 2017 [Nottingham, UK]

Sat Jul 8, UK Vegan Camp-Out 2017 [Nottingham, UK]


Sun Jul 9, UK Vegan Camp-Out 2017 [Nottingham, UK]



Sat Aug 12, 15th Satvik Vegan Festival [Karnataka, India]


Sun Aug 13, 15th Satvik Vegan Festival [Karnataka, India]


Fri Aug 25, Veganes Sommerfest Berlin [Berlin]

Sat Aug 26, Veganes Sommerfest Berlin [Berlin]


Sun Aug 27, Veganes Sommerfest Berlin [Berlin]



Sat Sep 16, Veggie Fair 2017 powered by Vegenement [Landgoed De Olmenhorst, Netherlands]


Sat Sep 16, Veggie Fair 2017 powered by Vegenement [Landgoed De Olmenhorst, Netherlands]



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