Vegan RoundUP Pacific (Apr ’17) – Vegan Cambodian Food Pop Up & VegFest Los Angeles 2017

Cashew Nut Stir Fry with Mock Duck at Plumeria, San Diego [Photo: Steph Brontman]

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Hi. Happy April to you and yours.

Very excited about how vegan the world is shifting, especially on the USA’s West Coast. Far below, I’m noticing a LOT of events in Seattle. Woohoo! (Seattle, what’s the dill pickle, y’all?) In L.A., I was lucky enough to lead a team at Vegan Street Fair LA through 96 (!!) different tastes. And that was maybe a fourth of all the vegan food and drink out there. WOW! Seems like San Diego is heating up on some new offerings. More about that when it is for certain.




Vegan Picnic‘ Brings Plant-Based Deli Favorites To Cow Hollow Omnivores [San Francisco]

We visited a fast-food chain that’s like McDonald’s for vegans [San Francisco]

LA Vegan Hotspot Crossroads Launches Late Night Menu

By Chloe Splits With Vegan Celebrity Founder Chloe Coscarelli [Los Angeles]

German beer garden serving vegan cuisine headed for York Boulevard [Los Angeles]

Doomie’s to Open Upscale Vegan Eatery Next Door

Rare Vegan Italian Cuisine Flourishes at Civico 1845 in Little Italy [San Diego]

First Look: Vegan Hills [Honolulu]


Openings, Closings & Announcements of Vegan Eateries (Pacific) (Mountain) (Central) (Eastern) (Global)




Vegan RoundUP Eastern (Mar ’17) – Spring Celebration Dinner & Tephra Vegan Brunch

Vegan RoundUP Global (Mar ’17) – Let’s (VEGAN) PARTY & Vegan Day Out Ibiza

Vegan RoundUP Mountain & Central (Mar ’17) – Eat All The Pi(e) & Vegan Barabacoa and Big Red Class

Vegan RoundUP Pacific (Mar ’17) – Vegan Yack Attack popup event! & Vegan Street Fair LA/a>


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Thu Apr 6, Portland Blind Cafe [Portland]

Fri Apr 7, Portland Blind Cafe [Portland]

Sat Apr 8, Portland Blind Cafe [Portland]

Sat Apr 8, A vegan happening: Beyond the Valley of the Vegans [Los Angeles]

Sat Apr 8, Vegan Brunch Basics [Seattle]



Sun Apr 9, Creative Vegan Cooking 102: 4 Week Course [Seattle]

Sun Apr 9, Vegan Cambodian Food Pop Up [Seattle]

Sun Apr 9, The Last Push! [Seattle]

Thu Apr 13, Veg Out Seattle 2017 [Seattle]

Fri Apr 14, VegeNation at First Friday! [Las Vegas]

Sat Apr 15, 4th Annual Spring Festival [Agoura Hills, CA]


Sat Apr 22, Global Comfort Foods [Seattle]

Sat Apr 22, Cosmic Brewery Vegan Earth Day Fair [Torrance]

Sat Apr 22, From the Garden Dinner [San Francisco]

Sat Apr 22, VegeNation‘s 2 year anniversary! [Las Vegas]


Sun Apr 23, Creative Vegan Cooking 102: 4 Week Course [Seattle]

Wed Apr 26, Cupid’s Vegan Prom [Seattle]

Thu Apr 27, Fundraiser at Veggie Grill [Long Beach]


Sun Apr 30, VegFest Los Angeles 2017 [Los Angeles]

Sun Apr 30, Creative Vegan Cooking 102: 4 Week Course [Seattle]



Thu May 4, Creative Vegan Cooking 101: May 2017 [Seattle]


Sun May 7, Herbivore Festival [Yucaipa, CA]

Thu May 11, Creative Vegan Cooking 101: May 2017 [Seattle]


Thu May 18, Creative Vegan Cooking 101: May 2017 [Seattle]

Thu May 18, Tasty Traditions Thursday [Oakland]

Fri May 19, Festive Friday – Vegan Pub Crawl [Oakland]

Fri May 19, Festive Friday – Potluck and Postcards [Oakland]

Sat May 20, 2017 Oakland VegFest [Oakland]


Thu May 25, Creative Vegan Cooking 101: May 2017 [Seattle]

Sat May 27, Eat Drink Vegan 2017 [Pasadena]

Sat May 27, Green Saturday LA at Eat Drink Vegan [Pasadena]



Sun Jun 25, Afternoon Tea with the Rabbits (Vegan Potluck) [San Diego]



Sat Jul 8, Long Beach Vegan Festival [Long Beach]

Sat Jul 8, L.A. Vegan Underground Supper Club: Great Vegan BBQ and Cookout [Los Angeles]



Sat Sep 30, 2017 Vegas VegFest [Las Vegas]



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