Vegan RoundUP Global (Jun ’17) – Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 2017; 2017 Taiwan Vegan Frenzy

Lunch special at Hazel Mountain Chocolate, County Clare, Ireland [Photo: Steph Brontman]


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Well, something about vegan Ireland must be in the air including the 2018 tour there, because RoundUP’s manager, Steph, has just gone there for quite the big birthday trip. Happy belated to her! 

Meanwhile, we have quite a lot of global vegan dining headlines to share in this edition. Hope you find them as tantalizing as we did. 

Cheers for the new season.




The round-up: fill up on Brisbane’s best vegan meals

There’s a new vegan-only dating app in Australia because of course there is

This Lygon Street bar is making vegan food carnivores would love [Melbourne]

Compassionate Living Vegan Pop-Up Market [Melbourne]

Vegan Vegout [Melbourne]

The Vegan, Saudi Prince Investor

These Danish Politicians ‘Walk the Talk’ by Going Vegan

This chef makes the most beautiful raw vegan cakes we’ve ever seen [Berlin]

Vegan Food in Germany is on the Rise

Coop Switzerland opens its first vegetarian supermarket to meet growing demand [Zurich]

Move Over, Steak Frites and Foie Gras: 4 New Vegan Options at Cannes [Cannes, France]

Anthony Mullally turns vegan: Leeds Rhinos star makes huge lifestyle change [Leeds]

Meet the Rastafarian Vegans Who Ditched Meat Before It Was Cool [Liverpool]

Veggie and vegan products dominate at student food innovation competition final [London]

The calorie-free ‘raindrop cake’ has arrived in London – here’s how the unusual vegan dessert is made

A Vegan Tech House Night is Heading to London

Meet the Traders: What the Pitta [London]

Introducing the ‘Brookie’: London’s latest vegan dessert trend

Five of the best vegan restaurants in London

Vegan doner kebabs are coming to Boxpark Shoreditch [London]

Crosstown Doughnuts is going vegan (sort of) [London]

Susan Hart: Nottingham’s Top 5 Vegan restaurants and cafés

How a Puerto Rican Chef is Reinventing Vegan Cuisine on a Meat-Loving Island [San Juan, Puerto Rico]

The best vegan restaurants in Mexico City


Openings, Closings & Announcements of Vegan Eateries (Pacific) (Mountain) (Central) (Eastern) (Global)




Vegan RoundUP Pacific (June ’17) – Vegan Mac N Cheeze Competition; The Capybara Experiment

Vegan RoundUP Eastern (May ’17) – Cleveland VegFest & Vegan Street Fair New York 2017

Vegan RoundUP Global (May ’17) – Norwich Vegan Camp & Feria Vegana Valencia 2017

Vegan RoundUP Mountain & Central (May ’17) – NOLA Veggie Fest & Vegan Woman Made


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Sat Jun 17, Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 2017 [Leeds]


Sun Jun 25, Have your vegan cake and eat it [London]

Fri Jun 30, 2017 Taiwan Vegan Frenzy [Taipei, Taiwan]

Sat Jul 1, 2017 Taiwan Vegan Frenzy [Taipei, Taiwan]

Sat Jul 1, Supper Time Saturday [Dublin]


Sun Jul 2, 2017 Taiwan Vegan Frenzy [Taipei, Taiwan]

Fri Jul 7, UK Vegan Camp-Out 2017 [Nottingham, UK]

Sat Jul 8, UK Vegan Camp-Out 2017 [Nottingham, UK]


Sun Jul 9, UK Vegan Camp-Out 2017 [Nottingham, UK]



Sat Aug 12, 15th Satvik Vegan Festival [Karnataka, India]


Sun Aug 13, 15th Satvik Vegan Festival [Karnataka, India]


Fri Aug 25, Veganes Sommerfest Berlin [Berlin]

Sat Aug 26, Veganes Sommerfest Berlin [Berlin]


Sun Aug 27, Veganes Sommerfest Berlin [Berlin]



Sat Sep 23, Dublin Vegfest 2017 [Dublin]


Sun Sep 24, Dublin Vegfest 2017 [Dublin]




Sun May 26, Go to Ireland with Vegansaurus! [Dublin]

Mon May 27, Go to Ireland with Vegansaurus! [Dublin]

Tue May 28, Go to Ireland with Vegansaurus! [Dublin]

Wed May 29, Go to Ireland with Vegansaurus! [Dublin]

Thu May 30, Go to Ireland with Vegansaurus! [Dublin]

Fri May 31, Go to Ireland with Vegansaurus! [Dublin]

Sat Jun 1, Go to Ireland with Vegansaurus! [Dublin]


Sun Jun 2, Go to Ireland with Vegansaurus! [Dublin]



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