Erykah Badu, 1971- (American singer-songwriter, record producer, activist, and actress)


Although she disputes the term, Erykah Badu has been dubbed “the first lady of neo soul” and “the queen of neo-soul”. Her first album, Baduizm, earned her commercial and critical success, helping to establish her as one of the emerging neo soul genre’s leading artists. Along with D’Angelo‘s Brown Sugar (1995) and Maxwell‘s Urban Hang Suite (1996), the album has been recognized by music writers for beginning neo soul’s popularity and helping the genre obtain commercial visibility at the time.

As an actress, she has played a wide range of supporting roles in movies including Blues Brothers 2000The Cider House Rules and House of D.

Badu has been a vegetarian for over 20 years, and had been a vegan for two years as of 2008.

In 1995, Badu became involved with rapper André 3000 of OutKast, with whom she had her first child, a son named Seven Sirius Benjamin, who was born on November 18, 1997.

NATAL DATA and ASTROLOGY CHARTBIRTH DATA: born Erica Abi Wright; February 26, 1971, Time Unknown, Dallas, Texas, USA. RR: X (from Wikipedia).



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Spike Lee, 1957 (American film director, producer, writer, and actor)


Spike Lee is an outspoken filmmaker who is helped Hollywood find two of its biggest movie stars, Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson. He’s made dozens of films largely independent of Hollywood moviemaking. Some credit him with kicking off the flurry of independently made movies in the 1990s. He is a NYU film school graduate, and long-time professor. He’s an avid fan of basketball and the NY Knicks.

Spike’s first feature movie, She’s Gotta Have It, released 8 August 1986 recently had its Saturn Return (3Sag14). Curiously, he received a honorary Oscar for his contributions to filmmaking 14 November 2015 (6Sag04)

Regardless of his birth time, his first Saturn Return was exact December 22, 1986.

His second Saturn Return happens in three parts due to Saturn retrograding. All three dates are in 2016: February 2, May 17 and October 30.



Shelton Jackson “Spike” Lee, 20 March 1957, Time TBD, Atlanta, GA, USA. SOURCE: Wikipedia

Spike Lee natal

Valley RoundUP 2/12/15 featuring new Chinese, Vegano Italiano preview party, Fashionista Launch & a secret

cajun jicama fries was star of the night

cajun jicama fries was star of the night

Helloooooooo New Yawk. How’s it going?

Just did a quick rewind and see RoundUPs have been coming atcha since at least June 15, 2009! (One way to use Mercury Retrogrades is by reviewing information, though Mercury is NO longer retrograde as you read this sentence.) I really appreciate your replies, and blog comments too, to the RoundUPs. They’re informative in a variety of ways. And affirm these are indeed useful public shares.

Enormous thanks to Tere, Luis, Bethany and the entire Rockin’ Raw team for welcoming NYC Vegan EatUP so greatly and deliciously Monday evening. The busy place brought some wonderful eats with their special, and early, Mardi Gras menu. Thanks to all those who joined Doug and I for this special event!

Uncertain what happened, yet can tell you we now have what I’m unofficially calling Buddha Bodai Mott (that’s been around 10 or so years, very close to Veg Dim Sum House) AND the brand new Buddha Bodai Mulberry.

Also Gingersnap’s Organic has REopened in the West Village.

Birthday shoutouts (because I remember these are near mine) to young tykes Cinnamon Snail & Terri Chelsea and the one year old *bricks & mortar* Bunna Cafe! So grateful to have each of you on the NYC scene and with such great teams to boot!!


Here is a recap of the Vegan Valentine’s Day Menus I received:

Bunna Cafe

Candle Cafe (East)

Candle Cafe West

Candle 79

Monk’s Meats (takeaway)

Organic Grill



And here again is that Amazon Local DEAL for the upcoming NYC VegFest



Thu Feb 12, Positive Tails Launch Party

Fri Feb 13, Sea Shepherd‘s World Love for Dolphins Day Demo

Sat Feb 14, Vegan Shop-Up (celebrates its 5th Anniversary)

Sat Feb 14, Gustorganics‘ Organic Valentine’s Day Three Course Dinner

Sun Feb 15, Vegan Valentine’s Sweets Workshop by Brooklyn Rose Pastries


Wed Feb 18, Vegano Italiano Preview & Tasting with Fran Costigan and Miyoko Schinner

Thu Feb 19, LA Fashionista Compassionista Launch Party!!!

Fri Feb 20, Digital Animals Conference

Fri Feb 20, Vegan Secret Supper

Sun Feb 22, Mardi Gras-inspired baking Workshop by Brooklyn Rose Pastries


Tue Feb 24, Fall in Love with Healthy School Food Luncheon at Candle Cafe West

Thu Feb 26, Vegan Drinks, February 2015: Benefits Evolve for Animals! Food by Yeah Dawg!

Sat Feb 28, The Seed Market


Sun Mar 15, Vegan Pressure Cooking 101: Cooking Demo & Book Event with JL Fields

Wed Mar 18, Brazilian Vegan cooking class at NGI with Chef Daniel Biron

Sat Mar 29, Veggie Pride Parade NYC 2015


Fri Apr 17, UUWR‘s Bunnies for Bunnies

May 15-18, Botanical Rejuvenation Learning Retreat Sensory Weekend

Sat Jun 13, Better Booze Festival 2015


Wishing you well stocked cabinets and freezers for this Winter remaining!




Anyone you know that might go vegan for Lent, perhaps watching Vegucated first?

So excited to be visiting Italy, vegan style, in less than five months

Austin welcomes vegan voices from near and far May 29-31 at Vida Vegan Con III

Best-selling author Victoria Moran’s Good Karma Diet coming May 19

Wanna see doctors prescribe plant-based cooking? Support a campaign doing just that

Affording Astrology Conferences Frugally

I don’t have kids, animals or even plants. I do have community and creativity, plus a strong desire to travel + visit more people, places, and you betcha on plates!

Here is a reveal about how I afforded attendance at SOTA14, the most recent astrology conference. Hint: spending time over money/cash


I bused from NYC to Buffalo, NY on Greyhound for $44.50 to enjoy the city for a good 48 hours prior to the event… it was so damp, hang on you cold I barely did that, save for eats.

Then I took a local transit bus from a great Buffalo restaurant, with vegan options of course, on a day pass for $5+2, to right in front of Sheraton at the Falls, the conference site+hotel.
(I spent another $7 total on the bus Thursday, because I mistakenly thought I transfer between the first two buses en route to lunch for $2. And then spend another $2 going from lunch to the conference hotel, which would’ve been $4 vs $5. Chalk it up to my lack of thorough research. It’s only $3 and the world keeps on spinning.)

Returning back to NYC, I rode Amtrak coach for $62. Ah, and I split a taxi 3-ways from the hotel costing me $6.

Hmmm, it did cost me $5 on the MTA to go to Greyhound from my apartment in NYC; and from Penn Station back home.

Observations: (1) Reserving Megabus earlier on likely would’ve been a reduced price by at least a few bucks. Possibly the same with Greyhound too. Wasn’t sure where I was traveling from until barely three weeks beforehand. (Originally was going to be flying from Dallas to Buffalo!) (2) I would’ve preferred to fly back, stay a couple hours more to enjoy the Closing Ceremony & Prize Draw plus the last speaker/s, still getting home closer to sundown vs. midnight. Key with this is finding a more frugal, though fast, way to get from the hotel to the airport. It’s a $45+ taxi ride going solo! Planning and sharing a taxi seems key in that. JetBlue can certainly be near the $62 one-way train ride especially if purchased weeks/months in advance. 



Part of how I attend so many conferences is by reducing this cost, usually (a) volunteering as a producing team or staff member earning free room nights OR (b) sharing a room – and its costs – with one or more, particular the AYA suites hosted at ISAR, NCGR and UAC conferences.


Typically, I’m volunteering in some sizable capacity so my registration is free. When my dance card is full OR no spots are available for volunteering, I then aim for buying earlybird registration (packages). So I’m looking up the GLAC15 and NORWAC15 earlybird deal dates NOW… OK, former is December 31st, latter is February 6 (my birthday!)


FOOD! $78

So I try to keep this more on the healthy side than anything. If I can bop to a great place for vegan eats during the conference, GREAT. I don’t expect it though. Still, a man’s gotta eat. And hotel rooms are quite tricky without a stove(top), and most often no fridge. So my go to for breakfast is packets of oatmeal, heating water through a coffeemaker – found in nearly any hotel room these days. For midafternoon (and late evening) snacks, a raw vegan bar can be great. Of course, all this travels well, and small. I used to do green juices for lunch before it was revealed they aren’t vegan and are otherwise compromised. Ordering for Chinese, Thai or Asian food delivery can be great for hot, cooked veggies – important as many astrology conference sites are far from a bounty of eatery options.

This time around, I actually found my favorite vegan yogurts on sale ($5 for 5) at Lexington Avenue Co-Op, thanks to XX. And often out small simple things on ice in the hotel bathroom sink. (This time seems liked I had to put in more ice 4,5 daily vs. 3 times. Maybe keeping the bathroom door closed and that room cooler would’ve helped?) Along with that I bought bulk muesli. And four Larabars and vegan (Halloween) gummy snacks – all for $18.

Thursday’s lunch, vegan Burmese at Sun Restaurant, (in Buffalo) was so massive; I had plenty leftover for dinner. (Let’s say the rolls’ cost was Thursday dinner at $18, roughly including tax and tip.)

Part of what I put on ice otherwise was intended to be lunches. That was (1) some version of a calzone from Pizza Plant, (2) a slice of stuffed garden pizza made vegan from PP, and (3) another pair of slices. The first two got waterlogged and tossed. (Too bad because I barely had any of the ‘pod’ aka calzone thingie.) Also this raised the question of what I was going to do for lunch and was a good $10-15 NOT down the drain; I could’ve avoided this problem hugely by opening the drain a bit for melting ice. Live and learn!

Instead, I joined friends Friday and Saturday for fries and lemonade at TGIF‘s within the hotel building. Fries were great, housemade lemonade looked better than it was. I forgot about my $5 voucher being usable there Friday and paid $10 cash. On Saturday, I was ready and used it for half off the bill; the rest going to my room’s tab. BUT my tab was messed up two-fold come check out, so the studly hotel desk dude zeroed out all the charges. Free lunch achieved!

So the PP food (half pizza and ‘pod’) for conference was approximately $30 including tax and fees.

The only other food I paid for was for Friday dinner at Koi over on the back of Seneca Casino. Believe that was $12 bucks.


OVERALL it appears  I spent $196 actual dollars on this weekend. Volunteering-wise, I’m guessing a good 50 hours over the course of the last 12 months, largely averaging 30 minutes a week for social media. The bulk of the work is creating the flyer and program, plus ad sales, and then updating both documents for changes. Might be more hours, though 100 hours in a year sounds like too much (average two hours a week). Hope this is helpful to others in their budgeting monies for conference attendance, as well as volunteering throughout the year otherwise.

Why do I choose this over spending the cash? It feels good to volunteer; it’s part of who I am (and was raised to be). I’m always learning more while sharing and enhancing our community (events) by way of what I can teach with my professional skills gained outside – or elsewhere – in the community.

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