VegFests Around The World – Sep 2017

BoEtico VeganFestival

September 1, 2017 [Bologna, ITALY]

Photo by BoEtico VeganFestival

D.C. VegFest

September 2, 2017 [Washington, DC, USA]

Photo by D.C. VegFest

VeganFest – SANA Edition

September 8, 2017 [Bologna, ITALY]

Photo by VeganFest

Veg Food Fest

September 8, 2017 [Toronto, ON, CANADA]

Photo by Veg Food Fest

VeggieWorld Düsseldorf

September 9, 2017 [Dusseldorf, GERMANY]

Photo by Veggie World

Alaska VegFest

September 9, 2017 [Anchorage, AK, USA]

Photo by Alaska Veg Fest

Twin Cities Veg Fest

September 9, 2017 [Minneapolis, MN, USA]

Photo by Twin Cities Veg Fest

Croatian Veganmania

September 9, 2017 [Zagreb, CROATIA]

Photo by Croatian Veganmania

SLC VegFest

September 9, 2017 [Salt Lake City, UT, USA]

Photo by Andrew Schneider

Sheffield Vegan Festival

September 10, 2017 [Sheffield, UK]

Photo by Sheffield Vegan Festival

California Vegetarian Food Festival

September 16, 2017 [Hollywood, CA, USA]

Photo by California Vegetarian Food Festival

Manchester Vegan Beer Fest

September 16, 2017 [Manchester, UK]

Photo by Manchester Vegan Beer Fest

NEPA VegFest

September 16, 2017 [Scranton, PA, USA]

Photo by NEPA Vegfest

Rochester VegFest

September 16, 2017 [Rochester, NY, USA]

Photo by Rochester VegFest

Winnipeg Vegfest

September 16, 2017 [Winnipeg, MB, CANADA]

Photo by Winnipeg VegFest

Veggie Fair

September 16, 2017 [Hoofddorp, NETHERLANDS]

Photo by Veggiefair

Grand Rapids Veg Fest

September 17, 2017 [Grand Rapids, MI, USA]

Photo by Grand Rapids Veg Fest

Portsmouth Vegan Festival

September 17, 2017 [Portsmouth, UK]

Photo by Portsmouth Vegan Festival

Hudson Valley Vegfest

September 23, 2017 [Poughkeepsie, NY, USA]

Photo by Hudson Valley Vegfest

Hull Vegan Festival

September 17, 2017 [Hull, UK]

Photo by Hull Vegan Festival

Peterborough VegFest

September 17, 2017 [Peterborough, ON, CANADA]

Photo by Jessieh Slezak

Vegan Vibes

September 23, 2017 [Tauranga, New Zealand]

Photo by Vegan Vibes

Chicago VeganMania

September 23, 2017 [Chicago, IL, USA]

Photo by Steph Brontman

Dublin Vegfest

September 23, 2017 [Dublin, IRELAND]

Photo by Dublin Vegfest

Phoenixville VegFest

September 30, 2017 [Phoenixville, PA, USA]

Photo by Phoenixville VegFest

VegFests Around The World – Aug 2017


Pittsburgh VegFest

August 5, 2017 [Pittsburgh, PA, USA]

WNY Vegfest

August 6, 2017 [Buffalo, NY, USA]

Vegan Connections 2017

August 11, 2017 [Glasgow, SCOTLAND]

Care Vegan Festival aka Chester County Vegan Festival

August 12, 2017 [West Chester, PA, USA]

Satvik Indian Vegan Festival

August 12, 2017 [Karnataka, India, ASIA]

Sonoma County VegFest

August 12, 2017 [Santa Rosa, CA, USA]

Hudson Valley Vegan Food Festival

August 12, 2017 [Newburgh, NY, USA]

S.E.E.D: Sustainable Everyday Edibles & Drinkables aka Philly SEED Fest

August 13, 2017 [Philadelphia, PA, USA]

Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival

August 19, 2017 [Toronto, ON, CANADA]

Veganes Sommerfest Berlin

August 25, 2017 [Berlin, GERMANY]

Triangle Vegfest

August 26, 2017 [Durham, NC, USA]

Vegan SoulFest

August 26, 2017 [Baltimore, MD, USA]

Columbus Vegfest

August 26, 2017 [Columbus, OH, USA]

Bethlehem VegFest

August 26, 2017 [Bethlehem, PA, USA]

VegFest Brasil

August 30, 2017 [Campos do Jordão, BRAZIL]


New for vegan NYC since July 4, 2016

Dear friend,

So glad you will be coming back to town again to check out a good few eateries. Here’s a list, hopefully more complete than not, of what’s New in Town:

Bar Verde
Beyond Sushi Midtown
by CHLOE. Soho
by CHLOE. Williamsburg
Cocoa V
Dun-Well Doughnuts (East Village)
Ginger Root Vegan
Marty’s V-Burger
May Kaidee
Modern Love Brooklyn
Orchard Grocer
P.S. Kitchen
The Squeeze at 108 MacDougal St.
Urban Vegan Kitchen
VITA Vegan Paradise


Bon appetit!

VegFests Around The World – May 2017

Nottingham Viva! Vegan Festival

Sat May 6 [Nottingham, UK]

Photo by Nottingham Viva! Vegan Festival


Sat May 6 [Okinawa]

Photo by Okinawa VEGAN FOOD FEST

Veggie Fest Hamilton

Sat May 6 [Hamilton, ON]

Photo by Veggie Fest Hamilton

Baltimore VegFest

Sat May 6 [Baltimore, MD]

Photo by Kate St John

Pittsburgh Vegan Festival – Spring Edition

Sat May 6 [Pittsburgh]

Photo by Pittsburgh Vegan Festival

Herbivore Festival

Sun May 7 [Yucaipa, CA]

Photo by Shanti Scribe, Jonathan Pattison, Beverly Rapouw and Jerry Maloney

Cork VegFest

Sat May 13 [Cork, Ireland]

Photo by Cork Vegfest

NOLA Veggie Fest

Sat May 13 & Sun May 14 [New Orleans]

Photo by NOLA Veggie Fest

Oakland VegFest

Sat May 20 [Oakland]

Photo by Oakland Veg Week

NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

Sat May 20 & Sun May 21 [NYC]

Photo by NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

Eat Drink Vegan

Sat May 27 [Pasadena, CA]

Photo by Olives for Dinner: Recipes for the Ethical Vegan

VON Manchester Vegan Fair

Sat May 27 [Manchester, UK]

Photo by VON Manchester Vegan Fair

Southend Vegan Fair

Sat May 27 [Southend-on-Sea, UK]


Aberdeen Vegan Festival

Sun May 28 [Aberdeen, UK]




This post is courtesy of  Vegan Travel Club. See their full list of 2017 VegFests here.


Eat. Drink. Vegan. The new name of the LA Vegan Beer and Food Festival seems so simple, yet is so true. This was my first time experiencing this event and those three words couldn’t summarize it better. I ate. I drank. Everything was vegan. Although, like any festival, the highlight was enjoying with close friends and thousands of others who share the same views about animals that I do 🙂

The day started with a 3 hour drive from San Diego. I had a light protein shake on the way up just to give me some driving energy-no extra calories were to be consumed in advance to save up for all the vegan vittles that were in store for my taste buds. I was fortunate to have a V.I.P. ticket, so the crowd waiting to get in was small, but growing, as was the temperature. The weekend heat wave was not going to slow me down and I was able to find some friends who had a shady spot to spend the next hour before they opened the gates.

Once we were let in and received our complimentary souvenir tasting glass (mine would be used for the numerous new-to-me kombucha companies), it was time to enter a vegan field of dreams. While I have been vegan for nearly 6 years, I have still not had the opportunity to try many of the well known vegan food purveyors and I knew that was about to change. My mouth was already salivating with the sights, sounds, and smells coming from the white tents before me.

Although I was a LAVBFF rookie, I knew enough from other events that I had to make a plan of attack and prioritize what vendors I absolutely had to try at all costs before my stomach raised the white flag. It also helped that my group of friends loves to share, so I got to try some extras that weren’t on my list with very little caloric cost 🙂 First on that list: The Herbivorous Butcher and their Buffalo Double Down!

I got in line about 15 minutes after the festival started and it was already quite a wait, so I knew it would be worth it. Fortunately, right next door was Chef Ayinde Howell and his famous Mac and Yease, which I had never tried. I knew the wait for THB would be long enough that I could enjoy my cheesy goodness and it made for a very enjoyable waiting experience 🙂


After whetting my appetite with an unexpected treat, it was time for the main event! Let me just say, it’s a good thing one of my friends brought an extra take home container because I have never seen a sandwich so big! It took a couple of bites before my brain could fully process all the amazing flavors that I was experiencing. In case you haven’t heard of this sandwich before, it’s basically two pieces of homemade fried seitan chicken (regular or buffalo) that act as the buns to hold a filling of homemade seitan bacon, garlic havarti pepper cheese, homemade ranch dressing, lettuce, and tomato. Healthy? Not so much. Delicious? Absolutely!


After finishing that, or half of it at least, the combination of the heat and my full belly was starting to get to me, so I decided it was time to try some kombucha. I lost track of the number of flavors I tried, but my stomach and mind were renewed and felt healthier than before. My friends agreed-it’s amazing what a few sips of fermented tea and some simple ingredients can do!


After that, the rest of the afternoon was spent chatting, sampling, and just enjoying the atmosphere. As the temperature continued to climb, I was in the mood for something cool and creamy. While my original plan was not to try any booths that are within driving distance of my home in San Diego, Yoga-urt was calling my name. I got a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of caramel frozen yogurt topped with fresh strawberries and some gummy bears for the kid at heart I still very much am. It may not have been from a restaurant far away, but it totally hit the spot!


After finishing this, my mind wanted to keep eating, but my body said no more, so I headed home full, hot, exhausted, and completely happy! I can truly say that I ate, drank, and enjoyed all things vegan! I don’t know what the next year will hold, but I know one thing is for sure. I will be back at Eat Drink Vegan LA in 2017! Now, I’m off to plan my next vegan adventure 🙂

Livestreaming Vegan Iron Chef All-Stars

Five vegan food crawls in New Jersey

Summer 2014, I was lucky enough to get down to Asbury Park, where there are a bunch of vegan-friendly spots. Sadly, the upscale star Goldie’s is no more. Still there is plenty to eat in that immediate area and elsewhere in the state. Special thanks to Dianne and The Food Duo that helped put these lists together. Let me know about any standout places or items within.

Please check that these places’ hours, and if they’re still in business before rolling up on them. Most I have NOT been to before!


Vegucated’s Asbury Park NJ plus Food Crawl

Vegucated’s Bergen County NJ Food Crawl

Vegucated’s Cape May/West Cape NJ Food Crawl

Vegucated enjoys Jersey Shore (AC+OC crawl)

Vegucated’s Montclair NJ Food Crawl



Roma, Day 3

Full in a particular way and really do not want to go out. There are zero eats here, and I do want to be work productive today, so out I go.

Panorama inside AirBnB pad, going from front door to patio door (unseen: table + chair, with knee height fridge, plus all mountain 20 or so inch tv)
Here’s a panorama of the patio, plus a pic of the beautiful bench on it

A neighborhood main drag is quite busy even close to 10 am with hugely women and those of a certain age. The multicultural diversity is wonderful to see and makes me think of Chicago, my childhood hometown.
With this AirBnB comes a very generous inclusion of free breakfast. Alas, it didn’t include anything vegano like fruit or fruit juice. This strikes me as ironic since I’m on the actual continent once known for its continental breakfasts. So off I go to natural grocer, Natura Si.
…it would be fun to come back to this natural foods grocery store with one or more people, hit them up for meal and snack foods. Plus to buy some of the curious sounding ones to sample. Actually had I been more pro active and working some foresight, I could’ve reached out to some local vegans to do something similar.

20 Euros of snacks + rice milk, plus meals for today and tomorrow


Roman men seem to have a range of skin tones, some hip width though rarely big butts. Generally they are more lean and not necessarily short though not tall either.
The cars are often smaller coming from a USA perspective. Perhaps this is noticeable because of the roaming I’m doing and passing by more vehicles than usual at home.
Because diversity is part of what’s here, I seem to blend in quite a lot.
If I did this trip all over again, key changes = I’d sport a shorter haircut, pack (and thus buy) some linen shirts and possibly pants (though still do jeans vs. shorts – can you say mosquitos!!?!), remember to bring a US to EU outlet converter, refill snacks upon arrival when a fluent English and Italian veg person is present, AND have more Italian at the ready for coming, going, trying to chit chat, and eating vegan otherwise.

Vegan San Francisco Bay Area recommendations


Any time someone says San Fran, I immediately think of vegan Mexican spot, Gracias Madre. Affordable, organic, tasty and a cool space to boot. Doesn’t matter if they’re not vegan or talkin’ vegan, I think of Gracias Madre!


After that, there’s a cross between NYC’s Sacred Chow and Cinnamon Snail known as Hella Vegan Eats. (Speaking of which, keep an eye out for a reprise of the Very Vegan Sundays event they anchor in case it’s happening while you are there.) This great, and creative, team has various locations throughout the week. They’re worth finding!


A new discovery of mine this Spring is the wonderful, and lived up to the hype, Timeless Coffee. That’s over in Oakland. They have wonderful savory AND sweet baked items, plus their soft serve.

Speaking of the East Bay, I’m VERY eager to return and check out Sanctuary BistroFlacos (Mexican with vegan options on the fried and less healthy side than Gracias), an event by much raved about chef Philip Gelb as well as S + M Vegan, plus the new vegan grocery Republic of V. Of course, if you are over there, get thee to Cinnaholic, if only to see this cool concept in-person. (The rolls are quite large by the way, so one is easily a mini meal. Maybe eat half there, and the other half early the next morning. Or later that night.

For Chicago-style deep dish pizza, there is area chain Patxi’s that will make it vegan. It takes a good 35+ minutes to make so don’t go starving if you order it. It’s so like I grew up with, if way less greasy (laughter). Enjoy!

There’s a lotta buzz around the pricier, new vegan sushi spot Shizen back in San Francisco. OK that’s easily three, if not, four days of eating, so I’ll stop there 🙂

Bon voyage!

Vegan Paris I saw


Back in October 2013, I was lucky enough to spend nearly two weeks in Paris. There I enjoyed reconnecting and connecting with a great number of vegans, plus attending Paris Vegan Day.

Since that time, I’ve heard Paris has a good few more spots that need to become another list and/or revisions to these. Here’s what I put together Summer 2014 that could be useful for two different vegan food crawl days, and walking off some of the calories.

Vegucated’s Paris Vegan Food Crawl (DOWN & Dirty)
Vegucated’s Paris Vegan Food Crawl (Cleaned UP)
Of the dozen spots between these two lists, I recommend going to Un Monde Vegan for goodies to enjoy while there and also to bring back to NYC! The shelf-stable and jarred tortellini were a couple finds there. Plenty of chocolates and candies. And a crazy number of vegan cheeses and meats!!!!! And then hit up Le Potager du Marais for the french onion soup with the cheese top (swooning). If it’s too hot for soup, then consider Gentle Gourmet Cafe for whatever tastiness they’re serving up.

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