Female directed original NetFlix movies

After a Twitter exchange with Melissa S., I took some time to Google about to see what I might find around the largest budget for a female director original NetFlix movie. That remains hugely unclear, if perhaps also apparent it isn’t amongst the biggest budgets.

Note: MOVIES is the focus here. Series-wise, Sense 8, Orange is the New Black, and Jessica Jones appear to be the big budget largely female directed projects.

Here are the 13 female directed original NetFlix movies I found. On the one hand, excited by so many interesting documentaries. Yet wondering if the world would be that much better with more fiction features from females…

  1. Coin Heist
  2. First They Killed My Father
  3. Hot Girls Wanted
  4. Mudbound
  5. My Beautiful Broken Brain
  6. The Square
  7. Tallulah
  8. Tig
  9. To The Bone
  10. A Very Murray Christmas
  11. What Happened, Miss Simone
  12. The Zen of Bennett
  13. 6 Balloons

Was amused to come across a black male film director amongst quickly reviewing this list for female directors…

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Amazon’s 3rd Pilot Season, Part 2 – the dramas

So I did take a look at Hysteria and Hand of God after getting soaked in the HEAVY rain rushing home to avoid the flash flood my phone warned about.

Hysteria is well made and cast. However, I’m not so into the premise as executed here or writing for it. Feels like a smart sci fi premise with a lowbrow story realization. Which doesn’t meet in a happy middle for me. Then again, this is so unlikely after me as a regular viewer. In short, the sexual politics felt too elementary school, and heavy handed at connecting the present and past situations.  This is a definite PASS for me. (Points on a good number of POC shown here.)

Hand of God seems far more aware of itself and allows for quite a bit of playing around power in politics, religion, and family. Again, points for POCs being well involved here. This I could’ve kept watching more episodes of. Not sure if it will bear out the many great ideas of narrative and characters. Will be interested to see more though. Or otherwise read about what the creator was thinking, if it doesn’t come to screen.

Overall, I think Amazon is on the right track batting a bit better than major tv networks. I would prefer way less naked female chests here though. Talk about gratuitous – OY! (And yes, I am pro-nudity if/when it makes sense female, and, you guessed it, male too.)




Amazon’s 3rd Pilot Season

--Red Oaks

Just watched pilots for Really?! and Red Oaks.

With the former, I’m pleasantly surprised to see a non-white lead in what seems to be a dramedy. It wasn’t essential to have more of the show as presented, for me. Yet, I’m definitely intrigued in a number of ways about how marriage, family, suburbia, friendships & secrets are all juggled (here). That it’s set in Chicago is a bonus. I want more, yes. I’ll live without it though too. So 3 of 5 stars.

With the latter, I saw a few poo-pooing the 80s accuracy or such clicking around earlier. Not sure I care about that so much or even expect it. Granted, I do remember a good deal of it. Instead, I’m wanting solid writing and performances on BOTH sides of the camera. This seems like it most certainly could deliver on that. And I’m left wanting more of this ‘chemistry’

Hope to watch the other three pilots soon. Perhaps on the television set proper (vs. big iMac monitor).

UPDATE: Watched Cosmopolitans. Like most elements, save for the pipsqueak and pothead rivalry. Feels off or just ugh to me. The snootiness of Vicki Frazier is curious and of the milieu, yet not all that appealing either. The song choices are curiously delicious and nothing like I’ve heard before with such a setting as this. Brody has some guy allure/appeal – good for him. I could watch more, though it’d be an effort based on what’s here. More likely to want to rejoin for Episode #4 or such when it’s rolling, and maybe one or both these 2ndary dude are GONE.

So two more left, though they’re hour-length pieces. So another time for them.


Lyrics on Mars departing retrograde while Mercury approaches its own

What is Life F E E L I N G like right now?
Are you STUCK in traffic?
WAITing for something to go green?
Feeling like You might be the RED alert?

Maybe we are each M O R E than ready to release what has been stuck, still, stagnant, unmoving in these final weeks of Spring…

Noticing the speed of this Now
Everything is likely at its proper pace.
Well, maybe everything, except YOU!?
Yes, you boo.

What’s that?
S/he is delaying your progress, you protest?
Hmmm, could it be that there is no contest here
Only something good in your favor?
Perhaps otherwise can be happening for You now instead.

Flow with the Go
Pretend you don’t Know
Doesn’t matter

We will all GROW

Mic Check 1,2 1,2

Just seeing if this here thing works 🙂

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