A Quiet Moment Like This


My first meetup as organizer was October 2, 2004 at Gobo’s West Village location

It was a quiet moment like this. Early September. I wasn’t fully awake. Cooler temperature though, and the sun was up.

The waking thought was a loudly ringing question: how many clicks to become a meetup organizer. Out of curiosity, you know, I wasn’t REALLY interested in it being so new to NYC and all. I just wanted to be able to tell someone else that was ready for a carefully placed nudge to take it on.

And then after five, maybe six clicks – definitely not seven – I found out oh so very very quickly. Oops! I’ve just became organizer of NYC Vegan Meetup.

Hmmm, well, I did know what it involved having guest hosted my very first meetup before. And I knew I wanted to have the group meet and eat through all the boroughs. The many choices – greater vegan cuisine variety and otherwise here – are very much a part of why I moved from the Mini to the Big Apple after all!

And I knew meeting at Red Bamboo and the several “dynasties” of just meeting there needed to end IMMEDIATELY. (Google and go click through, you’ll see ’em, meetup after meetup there, then some donut place without vegan options in between them! But remember the web, and certainly meetup.com, were VERY different creatures then. Choosing a place operated by some peculiar mechanism that would probably make people pull out their hair, or grunt and click away today.)

I’d unwittingly asked and learned at the tail-end of my guest hosting July 2004’s vegan meetup that some members wanted to eat at places with more veggies on the menu, some without any veggie meats at all on the menu, and some craved to go further north in Manhattan, out of the Village (West AND East) – there was a new VegOut guide showing the many many options with a handy pullout map too.

So I thought, OK it’s too embarrassing to step down two minutes later with the whole group able to see it. I’ll do just it for one year, then re-evaluate, pass it off to someone if need be.

If memory serves that first anniversary of leading what’s now NYC Vegan EatUP including maybe three minutes “reevaluating”.

…now here I am about to start my 11 year with custody of my unexpected ward. And a great many adventures, big and small, by way of a few clicks in a quiet moment like this.

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